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Gospel Sensation Deitrick Haddon Defends Wife After Twerking Birthday Surprise Sparks Controversy

Defending love and shaking off the haters! Gospel artist Deitrick Haddon comes to his wife’s defense after a video clip of his wife, Dominique Mctyer, twerking on him for his 50th birthday party went viral. Some of Deitrick’s more conservative fans were surprised to see Dominique twerking on her husband. See what all the fuss is about inside…

When did it become an issue for a wife to dance on her husband? Apparently, when you’re a gospel artist.

Deitrick Haddon, the amazing Christian artist and pastor, is standing up for his wife, Dominique Mctyer, after they faced controversy over a viral video clip from his 50th birthday bash. It’s all because some of his super conservative followers couldn’t handle Dominique twerking on her man!

Watch Deitrick and his wife hit the dance floor for his birthday below:

The clip above made some of Deitrick’s more conservative followers raise their eyebrows at the sight of Dominique twerking on her man.

Well, the “Preachers of L.A.” star isn’t having none of that negativity. He took to social media to clap back at the “hollified” haters and dropped some wisdom bombs. He reminded everyone that despite different opinions, they all should be respected, even within the church.

“The next level for the church is to learn to disagree without disrespect,” Deitrick began in a post. “Some approve with me dancing in public with my wife, and others don’t and that’s ok. In the words of the Stylistics, ‘People make the world go ’round.’”

He continued, “It would be so dope if we could celebrate our differences instead of demonizing everyone that doesn’t think like you. I still love ya, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”  Swipe above to see his post.

In response, one of his followers wrote, “When you are a Pastor, you are suppose to live above reproach. You are suppose to be Holy and set apart for the master’s use. You are not suppose to allow yourself to be used by the devil. Where is the fear of God? You are leading people down the wrong road. You are forgetting who you suppose to be representing. You can’t say you delivered, because you and your wife showed the whole world, you you serving. My advice to you is to repent and turn from your ways. We living in the last days and this is how you wanna live and represent Jesus Christ? Lord have mercy. Praying for you and your wife. (Repent)”

Another person wrote, “It wasn’t just about the dancing. The Lewd music everything. It’s just strange to see a pastor and First Lady carry on the same way non believers do. Definitely in the flesh.”

Some followers felt otherwise, with one person writing, “Y’all in these comments are really upset and it’s baffling to me. They are MARRIED!!!!! They weren’t p- popping on a handstand with a strangers. They weren’t doing this in front of a congregation on a Sunday morning. They were at a BIRTHDAY PARTY! Y’all are so bound up! And they people with the loudest opinions are single [laughing emojis] y’all be blessed. Thank you Mr. Haddon for showing young and old people that you can enjoy life in a safe way and still love and serve a true and living God.”

Another person wrote, “Its a beautiful thing to be able to openly dance with your own wife in the way that makes you both happy. Too many ‘saints’ doing all kinds of wrong things behind the scenes and painting different images of themselves in front of everyone. Please dont stop being expressive with one another. I applaud your authenticity! Happy birthday in arrears!”

In another IG post, Deitrick shared a photo of his wife with the caption, “Thank you @domerella for being you. You a straight Rider!!” On her photo, he wrote “My rider all day!!” with Tupac’s “Ambitionz az a Ridah” as the back ground music.

Hmm…do you think folks were holy hating or was Deitrick and his wife out of line? Sound off in the comments.

Photo: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock

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