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Here’s Why Scandalous Celeb Seeker Celina Powell’s Suspect & Salacious Actions Made Clay Gravesande’s Mom Do A Double Take


Celina Powell is a chaotic internet personality, self-proclaimed “Black Widow” and serial seeker of attention who’s admitted to lying about some of her history with celebs.

Source: @CelinaPowell / Instagram

Her hook is sleeping with rappers and athletes, and/or lying about sleeping with rappers and athletes, and also making up false pregnancy claims. Anyone who actually does get with her hopefully does so with the understanding that she is going to put their business on blast, and maybe even try to extort them.  

So, why in the world would Clay Gravesande, an allegedly “healing” man, do that to himself?

You remember Clay, right?

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

The Love is Blind alum, who had no business even thinking about trying to get married, notoriously jilted fine a** AD at the altar.

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

Source: Netflix / Netflix

In the aftermath, he stated that he still had trauma around his father’s infidelity and treatment of his mother growing up. He gave us the works, talmbout being in therapy and working on himself so that he can be a better man, only to turn around and date Celina Powell.

They’ve broken up since the video of them canoodling went viral with Clay alleging that they actually weren’t dating at all, and even after the fallout, there was drama. Clay had to apologize to his mom, who was horrified when video clips surfaced of Clay in bed with Powell.

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

Obviously, Miss Powell didn’t like that too much. The last we saw of that situation was when Powell posted a pic of herself listening to Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” during the part where Pac says, “F**k you and your mama.” 


That’s how Powell gets down, though. It’s well documented, yet she still finds a new sucka on the regular.

Here’s a look at some of her dating scandals throughout the years.

Keep in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive because it’s definitely longer, and probably growing by the week. However, these are some of the most popularly documented romance scandals for the trifling Only Fans aficionado. 


Celina Powell’s History With Celebs

Chief Keef

Tasha K isn’t exactly a beacon of truth. Still, the highly controversial vlogger landed a tell-all interview with Powell, where the latter mentioned that she messed around with Chief Keef. Powell also alleged that he gave her chlamydia. 


Snoop Dogg

Celina Powell alleged that she and the very married Snoop had a rendezvous. She even posted text messages that included photos of Snoop not wearing much as her receipts. Snoop adamantly denied the claims and said that he was launching a show called “Clout Chasers” and that Celina was supposed to be a part of it, not realizing she had been played. Several years later, the show has yet to drop. 

DJ Akademiks 

Let Celina tell it, she and Akademiks were in love. She even posted on social media that he bought her a G-Wagon. However, in an interview with Vlad TV, Akademiks stated that he slept with her but that she wasn’t his ex. 

Celina Powell and her “boo” DJ Akademiks said y’all can have the Birkins, they push G Wagons! 👀

— The Shade Room Teens (@shaderoomteens) October 30, 2020


In 2018 she lied about being pregnant with Offset’s baby (fake paternity test and all) before finally admitting that she made it up. In a surprise twist, she even apologized to Cardi B; kinda.

“There’s no baby,” she said in a clip of her alongside DJ Akademiks. “Get over it. Suck my d***. Y’all investigated this s*** for nine months. I didn’t give a f***, I was laughing.”

She continued,

“I, Celina, apologize to you Belcalis [Cardi B]. I’m sorry, I sincerely apologize if I made you, for one second, think Offset was the father of my pretend baby.”

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