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Hold Ya Horses! Sanya Richards-Ross Shuts Down Swirling ‘RHOA’ Reboot Reports

On the heels of Real Housewives of Atlanta speculation setting the internet ablaze, Sanya Richards-Ross is speaking out and telling fans not to pay attention to the reboot reports.

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Sanya Richards-Ross Calls Out The Reports As Numerous Outlets Spin Different Stories

The four-time Olympic gold medalist addressed the matter on Wednesday (Aug. 30) through her Instagram Story.

Sanya shut the conversation down by stating, “Everyone rushing to report FIRST instead of reporting FACTS!”

She followed her short and sweet message by telling fans, “Just wait for it.”

Sanya issues a statement #RHOA

— Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravo) August 30, 2023

Sanya’s statement follows numerous publications fueling the reboot conversation with comments from alleged “sources.”

LoveBScott got it poppin’ on Monday (Aug. 28) — just one day after the RHOA season 15 finale aired. The outlet noted that, per “a source close to production,” RHOA was set to get a complete reboot in the style of the current season of The Real Housewives of New York City. LoveBScott also reported that production wanted new women rather than returning stars like Porsha Williams and Kim Zolciak.

One day later, Entertainment Tonight shared a supposed insider’s quote: “A major shakeup is coming.”

“A major shakeup is coming to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Before the women filmed their recent reunion, they were told that they should expect a big change with the franchise moving forward. They hinted at a reboot like New York got, but it also could be moving forward with only a couple of the current stars. The cast is on edge about their future and has no idea where the network plans to go. Although their ratings are still strong, the network is listening to fans and their desire for a change.”

However, a “second source” told ET that the network hasn’t decided on the matter.

Page Six jumped into the conversation as well, confirming one of their sources declared that “nothing official has been decided” while noting that another said casting is a bit of an obstacle.

“They haven’t found any famous people of note that want to be on the reboot, and if they can’t find any famous people that want to be on the show, then they can’t reboot the entire show.”

Meanwhile, on Wednesday (Aug. 30), theJasmineBRAND reported that only three cast members are expected to return, bringing about a revamp similar to the one The Real Housewives of Miami received in late 2021.

Despite the speculation, Sanya Richards-Ross is letting it be known that the significant decisions for next season are still up in the air.

Here’s What Real Housewives of Atlanta Fans Have To Say About The Speculation

Of course, with so many outlets fueling the RHOA rumors, the subject has steadily been discussed among RHOA fans for the past week.

Check out what various fans had to say on Twitter below.

wait what do you mean rhoa is getting a full reboot and everybody is out.. that’s not what we wanted

— ໊ (@lisacvntstein) August 29, 2023

it’s sad but #rhoa allegedly getting the reboot it needs

— suttons roller ᓚᘏᗢ (@suttonsroller) August 29, 2023

If we’re getting a cast reboot, we need a reboot on production as well.

Bye, Truly Original #RHOA

— H. B. (@HaroldCordero_) August 29, 2023

if was in charge of #RHOA I’d love a #RHOM style soft reboot. Porsha-Kandi-Kenya core 3, Sheree, Marlo & Cynthia as FOHs and 3x new Peaches. RHOM has 9 members currently and it works.

— Housewivesfan© (@housewivesfan4) August 29, 2023

RHOA getting a RHONY style reboot??? Housewives Twitter you will PAY for what you’ve done…

— I START Charities Meghan (@housewives_love) August 29, 2023

I’d only accept a “reboot” if it meant getting rid of Marlo #RHOA

— Libby (@Libbotomy) August 31, 2023

This is insane. For them to do an entire reboot of Atlanta after one bad season is such a disgrace to the legacy of this show. It built this franchise and to take away key veterans like Kenya and Kandi is crazy. I am incredibly disappointed #RHOA

— heebie jeebies era (@SoNastyandRude) August 29, 2023

Sooooo this is just MY guess of what will happen for the next season of #rhoa IF there isn’t a full reboot like some of the blogs are saying:

– Kandi will be demoted to a FoH role (like she was living this season) and she’ll take on a more producer role for KATG and other…

— Daily Bravo (@dailybravomail) August 29, 2023

Would you like to see RHOA get a revamp, or do you think the current cast should stay?

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