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Jess Hilarious Faces Backlash After Defending DaniLeigh Amid Her DUI Arrest: ‘She Didn’t Mean To Hurt Anyone’ (Video)

Jess Hilarious is facing backlash after the comedian appeared to defend DaniLeigh following the singer’s recent arrest for DUI. As The Shade Room previously reported, DaniLeigh was arrested Tuesday morning after being involved in a hit-and-run while driving intoxicated.

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Jess Hilarious’ Comments On DaniLeigh & Her DUI Arrest

Jess Hilarious shared her comments on DaniLeigh’s arrest while co-hosting ‘The Breakfast Club’ Wednesday morning. Fellow co-host Charlamagne tha God declared DaniLeigh the “Donkey Of The Day” and explained the incident to listeners.

During Charlamagne’s monologue, Jess Hilarious chimed in with what appears to be an intended joke about the victim involved in the hit-and-run incident.

“I’m just saying, what if the person on the moped was playing DaBaby’s ‘SHAKE SUMN’ and she drove past, and it gave her flashbacks and — it could have happened.”

Later in the clip, Hilarious comments on how “flawless” the singer’s mugshot is.

Jess Hilarious Shares Concern For DaniLeigh & Her Mental Health

At the end of Charlamagne’s recap, he explained that the “moral of the story” is to avoid drinking and driving. However, Hilarious then chimed in again with her perspective.

“It’s sad. She’s probably sitting up there, and she thought y’all loved her… And y’all sitting here giving her a hard time… What about her mental health?”

Hilarious said to Charlamagne and co-host DJ Envy. Charlamagne rebutted Hilarious by asking about the singer’s child, “What about the baby?”

Despite this question, Hilarious stressed her stance regarding DaniLeigh’s mental health. However, Charlemagne explained that “mental health” isn’t an excuse for the singer’s actions. Hilarious then appeared to agree.

“No, it’s not an excuse because the guy could have died; he could’ve lost his life…”

Hilarious concedes.

However, before Charlamagne ends the segment, he explains that “hurt people hurt people.” Hilarious then shares one more excuse in defense of the singer.

“And she didn’t mean to hurt anyone but not an excuse at all.”

Social Media Reacts

YouTube viewers shared their reaction to Hilarious’ stance in the video’s comment section.

“Jess response is a perfect example of people don’t understand until they on the unfortunate side of stupidity. The guy sounds like he’s in pretty bad shape and lucky to be alive. I don’t think him or his family give a flying F about Dani mental health at this moment… Drinking and driving is stupid .. no excuse for it…”

Another user added.

“Jess you wild for trying to justify a matter that could have killed someone. It’s ok to hold her accountable”

A third user explained.

“Jess is a good example of why everyone doesn’t deserve a mic , this was a learning lesson, Dani coulda killed someone. Smh take a Uber before risking your life and an innocent bystander”

More Details Regarding DaniLeigh’s Hit-And-Run DUI Arrest

As The Shade Room previously reported, DaniLeigh was arrested in Miami Bach following a hit-and-run incident with a moped driver on Tuesday. The singer is accused of striking the victim with her car, and dragging the person and moped for one block.

The singer then failed a field sobriety test and was found to have an alcohol level of 0.148. Additionally, the singer reportedly had an open bottle of Tequila in her vehicle, as reported by HotNewHipHop.

The victim reportedly suffered a kidney laceration and spinal fracture.

The singer has since been charged with driving under the influence, fleeing the scene of a crash involving serious bodily injury, and DUI damage to property/person.

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