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Jesus Kanekalon Christ! Atlanta Mother Says ‘God Is Real’ After Wig Saved Her Life After Being Shot In The Head

Source: Dmitriy Sidor / Getty

You never know how your blessings will manifest but God got you.

An Atlanta woman is thanking her creator after a harrowing incident that almost cost her her life according to a Blavity report. The incident took place last month but the woman is just now coming forward to talk about what happened on the day her life changed forever. She chose to keep her name anonymous but spoke to Fox5Atlanta extensively about how grateful she is to be alive.

The woman says she was being dropped off at her home on the east side of town and as her Lyft driver approached the gate to her apartment, she noticed two men in a very heated argument and in short order all hell broke loose.

“Next thing you know, we hear gunshots,” she said. “The three [bullets] hit his car, two hit me. The wig I had on stopped one, and one landed in my head. I have a bullet in my head right now.”

You read that right. The woman was struck in the head by gunfire and the hairpiece she had chosen that day had God’s favor all up in it. Thankfully, her driver was alert and ready to take action to save her.

“He came around the car—even though bullets were still flying—he came and got out of his car. One could’ve hit him [but] he held my hand and tried to keep me conscious until the ambulance got there,” she said.

Peep the full interview in the video below, it’s really one hell of a story.

God bless this woman. She lost her father last year to gun violence and prays that city becomes a safer place. No arrests have been made in connection to the shooting but police are still investigating.

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