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Joseline Hernandez Claims Self Defense, Denies Knowing Big Lex After Vicious Backstage Brawl–‘I Don’t Know Her’

Joseline Hernandez “doesn’t know” the woman she was seen brutally beating in Las Vegas, despite said woman previously starring on her Zeus show.

That’s the message the Puerto Rican Princess coyly sent out Thursday on The Breakfast Club during a discussion on her brawl with Big Lex of Joseline’s Cabaret.

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As previously reported earlier this month Joseline was captured on video in Las Vegas brawling backstage at the Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III fight.

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The Zeus star was seen punching and stomping Lex with help from several people and in the aftermath was arrested and charged with four charges, including trespassing and battery.

Now she’s free from handcuffs and opening up about what went down.


Joseline Hernandez Talks Big Lex Fight On The Breakfast Club

Hernandez sat down for an interview with DJ Envy and guest host Jess Hilarious to discuss a number of topics including her racial identity, co-parenting, and her reality show.

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And when the headline-making fight was brought up, Joseline claimed that she was simply defending herself and the media blew the entire thing out of proportion.

“I can’t really speak too much on that but what I can say is that I’m always gonna protect myself,” said Joseline on The Breakfast Club. “If you see me out here in the streets and you know I’m just making sure that I”m straight an no one hurts me. The media only shows you one thing, it looks like a whole lot of chaos but you might not know what happened prior to that chaos,” she added.

“Because it’s me, it’s always bigger than it actually is.”

She also denied reports that her husband Balistic Beats, who was seen by her side in the brawl yelling at Lex, put his hands on the Zeus star.

“He will not swing on a lady and he’s never swung on no lady,” said Joseline about her hubby who was previously accused of hitting women during Joseline’s Cabaret reunion. “If he swings on a lady, she’s dead. He knows better than that, he doesn’t do it.”

She also confirmed that she’s recently clean from drugs including cocaine despite Internet rumors that she was high during the brawl.

According to Hernandez on the night in question, she only had one or two drinks.

“You ain’t never heard that I’m a junkie shooting up, did I like to party? Absolutely,” said Joseline on The Breakfast Club. “I don’t have to have nothing in my system, I wake up with the bulls***.”

“Clean is not doing the 1, 2,” she said with a snort as though she was sniffing cocaine. “Not doing the 1,2,” she added acting as though she was ingesting something. “I feel so much stronger and so much better, I feel like I don’t need the crutches anymore.”

Later in the interview, the reality star flat-out denied knowing who the woman she fought even was.

“Don’t know that hoe,” she told DJ Envy when he brought up Big Lex’s name. “I don’t know her, she [Jess Hilarious] don’t know her, we never knew her. We don’t know who that hoe is.”

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Oh, Joseline.

Watch Joseline Hernandez on The Breakfast Club below.

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