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Joseline Hernandez Reportedly Booked On Two Counts Of Battery On A Law Enforcement Officer

Joseline Hernandez has reportedly racked up two additional felony charges during today’s court arraignment for battery on a law enforcement officer.

The tacked-on battery charges meant another booking into a Florida jail. However, the judge assured Joseline the booking serves as a formality to prevent legal loopholes.

Joseline Hernandez’s Recent Booking Into Local Jail Explained

Prosecutors and Joseline had already agreed to a deal on June 13, 2023 — police would release her from custody on “her own recognizance.” Those charges were related to the Big Lex fight at the Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III exhibition on June 11.

For context, the Big Lex fight led to domestic “battery, trespassing, resisting arrest/obstruction with violence, and regular battery” charges.

Joseline Hernandez and Rapper Big Lex fight#JoselineHernandez #BigLex

— RUDEBOY FM (@rudeboy_fm) June 12, 2023

Given that the new battery charges are felonies, she had to undergo the booking process again.

“These two, add charges two and three, two new felonies. I gotta book…at least, that’s what I’m being told by the sheriff’s office, in order to be served with the papers,” the judge told Joseline’s lawyer. “Because she had been charged on two felonies. They have to book her on those felonies, they gotta take her prints just like they would any other felon to make sure that she’s not able to come back with a clever lawyer, like yourself very wise, can’t come back and say my client was never booked on those charges.”

Still, the judge said the process should be “a quick turnaround.” Adding that, the “previous special terms and conditions” she agreed to with prosecutors in June remain in “full force and effect.”

TMZ broke the story. The outlet said the Puerto Princess pleaded not guilty to all charges. More news on the case is expected next week, as Joseline is reportedly due in court.

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Video captured Joseline Hernandez yelling with profane language at surrounding officers. She stated she didn’t want any “white men touching” her.

After she launched an electronic device across the room, the video shows multiple officers trying to wrestle her to the ground as she violently resisted.

An arrest warrant was issued on Jul. 25 in Broward County, Florida, for the law enforcement-related charges–as The Shade Room confirmed via records.

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