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Joseline Hernandez Slams Nneka Ihim

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Some RHOP fans aren’t feeling Wendy Osefo and Nneka Ihim’s feud.

Nneka Ihim is having a very controversial rookie season on “Real Housewives of Potomac.” She isn’t getting along with fellow Nigerian Wendy Osefo. Nneka was told Wendy told her sister that she heard Nneka told people they knew each other. And she was using this to make her way onto RHOP. So Wendy’s sister allegedly called Nneka’s in-law to give a piece of her mind. At some point, Wendy’s mother allegedly made phone calls as well threatening to allegedly curse Nneka through a shrine. When Wendy denied this, Nneka accused Wendy’s mother of being a witch. Wendy said this kind of language was offensive during a recent interview.

Wendy’s biggest concern is that she felt like Nneka’s accusations were rooted in xenophobia. This bothers her because she knows clashing with one another would offend people. Interestingly enough, that is exactly how it’s playing out. Some fans have taken to social media to voice their complaints. Ashley Darby has received some backlash. She kicked the tension between Wendy and Nneka off by mixing up Nneka’s words. Regardless, Ashley’s apology for her part in the tension didn’t do anything to prevent the blowup since Nneka called out Wendy right after.

Joseline Hernandez described Nneka Ihim as annoying.

Ashley and Gizelle Bryant believe it’s possible that Nneka was telling the truth.  However, Carlos King said Nneka is losing in the court of public opinion. Plus, Nneka made a huge rookie mistake by making her storyline about another housewife. He believes viewers should have seen more from her personal life. For example, he wanted to see more from her marriage. Instead, Dr. Ikenna Ihim clashed with Eddie Osefo over a Facebook unfollow.

While some RHOP fans love the drama, others feel things have been taken way too far. Now the feud has crossed over into dark territory.

Well, Carlos isn’t the only one who aired his opinion recently. “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Joseline Hernandez had some words for Nneka on Instagram. She wrote, “Exactly Neck ** is so stupid n annoying.”

Check out the screenshot in the video below.

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