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JT Insults And Tosses Phone At Lil Uzi Vert At BET Awards, Fans Speculate Argument Involves Ice Spice (Video)

Things got a little heated between JT and Lil Uzi Vert at the 2023 BET Awards. Multiple circulating videos show the City Girls rapper launching her cell phone at Uzi after cursing him out.

Though neither has clarified the reason behind the tussle, a now-viral Twitter thread claims Ice Spice is involved.

Initial clips about the domestic incident show JT standing a few feet from a seated Uzi. They were separated by a small crowd.

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While one person held JT back by the waist and arms, she yelled at Lil Uzi Vert:

“F**king groupie,” JT said and threw her phone at him. “B***h, f**k wrong with you. Don’t ever try me like that. B***h a** n***a.”

Footage also shows her demanding him to pick up her phone and give it back. Shortly after, the obviously upset rapper storms down the aisle as Lil Uzi Vert chases behind her. Additional videos seemingly show JT tossing a second unidentified object, but that remains unclear.

Following their incident, which partially took place during the Takeoff tribute performed by Quavo and Offset, a video shows the couple leaving the venue. Surrounded by security, Uzi walked slightly ahead of JT, but he looked back in her direction a few times.

Twitter User Claims JT & Lil Uzi Vert Argued About Ice Spice Shoutout

After the BET Awards wrapped, a woman by the Twitter handle @chantelbabbyy claimed that Ice Spice inadvertently influenced the argument between JT and Uzi.

The woman claimed she sat next to the couple, explaining how things got popping after Lil Uzi Vert ended his performance. While on stage, the rapper rattled off a bar about Ice Spice from a new song.

Lil Uzi said this about ice spice in his song and JT decided to break up with him at the bet awards

— Qura (@Qurandale) June 26, 2023

@chantelbabbyy claims that after Uzi wrapped his performance, he ended up sitting next to Ice Spice and conversing with her for a few minutes while JT sat in the same row across the aisle. During that time, it appears Uzi and Spice took a selfie together.

But thennnn when he got done performing everyone did musical chairs and JT ended up sitting on the right side of the front row and Uzi sat next to Ice Spice on the left where I was. So i peeped them conversing for a while. It didn’t look like nothing too crazy right….

— 4everChantel (@chantelbabbyy) June 26, 2023

Following JT’s outburst–and amid the viral talks about it–Ice Spice uploaded the photo to Instagram in a round-up of photos of herself.

After the phone launch, the alleged witness, @chantelbabbyy, says Lil Uzi Vert was “pleading” with JT while she “was acting like a brat.”

In the viral Twitter thread, @chantelbabbyy also claimed, “Ice Spice briefly explained something looking unbothered” –a moment seemingly captured on camera. Additionally, the witness says she overheard Lil Uzi also cussing at JT during the argument that lasted at least 20 minutes.

Then, she claims, JT started giving Lil Uzi the cold shoulder.

I overheard him cussing at her too so they both be just saying outlandish shit it seems like but after about 20 min. She just starts ignoring his pleading and gets up and acts like she paying attention to the performances he tried to touch her and she almost clocked him!

— 4everChantel (@chantelbabbyy) June 26, 2023

As mentioned, neither JT nor Uzi has addressed the circulating videos about the situation. Minus the selfie post, Ice Spice has remained hush-hush regarding the couple’s tussles and claims of her involvement.

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