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Just Do It, Again: Nike Confirms Deion Sanders Has Resigned After Previously Leaving Over Creativity & Feeling ‘Unappreciated’

Deion Sanders – Source: MediaNews Group/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images / Getty

Deion Sanders officially rejoins team Nike ending an ongoing feud caused by the Hall of Famer feeling unappreciated.

When it comes to the history of Nike several people play a significant role in the building blocks of the Fortune 500 company. Of course, Michael Jordan is at the top of that pyramid but others such as Deion Sanders are just as important. You might not know that because Sanders exited the company after his last endorsement deal expired and joined Under Armour in 2009.

Deion is usually always in his positive upbeat character but if you mentioned Nike you could see his energy change. He reportedly left the company after feeling unappreciated by the brand. During an appearance at ComplexCon, he broke down his issues with Nike. Deion claimed the main issue was creativity and Nike wanting him to just wear what they made.

In a shocking move, Nike has resigned Sanders who teased the move on Instagram and left social media in disbelief. Deion previously stated he would never work with Nike again. Nike confirmed the news to USA Today Sports in a statement. The move makes sense as Nike sponsors the University of Colorado. Under Armor also confirmed the move and issued a statement as well.

“Under Armour had a longstanding partnership with Deion Sanders for more than a decade and we are proud of what we accomplished together,” the statement read. “Now that he has gone on to Colorado, we can’t wait to see him continue to positively impact the game and look forward to watching him find continued success with his new partners, athletes, and expanded communities. “

Hopefully, Deion and Nike’s second shot gives him more creativity and retro sneakers for all consumers who missed Deion’s signature shoe.

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