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Justin Combs Arrested For DUI, Mom Misa Hylton Bad Boy Blasts Diddy In Instagram Rant: ‘I’m Sick Of It!!!!!’

Diddy’s eldest son, Justin Combs, was reportedly arrested for DUI this weekend in Los Angeles.

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty

Combs was arrested Sunday morning near Beverly Hills after a cop saw a vehicle run a red light, law enforcement sources told TMZ. The arrest occurred around 8 AM, and in pictures obtained by the outlet, you can see Justin interacting with the officer.
The officer is said to have initiated a traffic stop, where Justin was found to be the driver. After a preliminary investigation, the cop felt there was enough probable cause to cuff him and haul him to jail on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Following news of his arrest, Justin’s mother, Misa Hylton, took to Instagram on Sunday night and went on a lengthy rant, taking aim at Diddy’s parenting and insisting the entertainer is in major need of what she called a “come to Jesus Moment.” 

“Everyone has to sit around for years and act like there isn’t anything wrong with you. This is where the buck stops for me,” Misa wrote. “If anything ever happened to my son GOD FORBID. What is anyone going to say to me? When we all know who’s fault it would be.”

She continued, “I do realize Clarity and Context are important. You want to do reality TV? Ok let’s be real then. Let’s lay it all out then starting from the top.”

Misa dragging Diddy 😳

— ʙᴋ (@itzbkdudee) June 5, 2023

In another follow-up post, Hylton called Diddy’s career trajectory into question.

“How you go from one of the greatest to ever do it, to making all your money off alcohol and suing the damn alcohol company,” she asked. “Sell something healthy that builds people up. I’m sick of it!!!!! NOT MINES.”

Misa also went on to criticize Diddy’s rumored Hulu reality TV series tentatively titled Diddy + 7, which will reportedly chronicle his life with his seven children.

“I’m not with none of that reality TV s###! When is enough ENOUGH,” she questioned. “I’m not Protecting no one anymore Just my son. And ALL The children.”

That tell all about to be insane 😭🍿

— ʙᴋ (@itzbkdudee) June 5, 2023

It’s currently unclear what sort of sobriety tests Combs might’ve been put through prior to his arrest, but he was booked on a misdemeanor DUI charge and his bond was set at $5,000. As of now, there’s no word on whether or not he’s still in custody.

Diddy has yet to respond to Misa’s rant.

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