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Kai Cenat Reflects On His Internet Empire & What’s Next For His Career

Kai Cenat, a fast-growing and record-breaking Twitch streamer, is dishing on his meteoric rise to the top while addressing what he hopes the future holds for him.

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Kai Is Out To “Execute Every Time” & Says It “Feels Weird” To Have Famous Friends

The 21-year-old internet star shared his commentary during a sit-down with Complex, which he called his “first time really opening up and doing something like this.”

While he spoke on everything from Michael Jackson to the perfect time to pull up to the strip club, Kai notably looked back on his rise to being a top-tier Twitch streamer with an impressive catalog of A-list friends.

First, he let it be known, “I don’t play when it comes to my content because people will get comfortable, and things can slow down.”

As a result, he remains “focused” while aspiring to “execute every time” and give viewers what they want.

“I gotta keep my head focused, stay on the right path and just execute every time.”

Kai also says he appreciates his fans for “supporting [him] with whatever [he does]” and helping him get to this point in his career, which has led to him rubbing elbows with some noteworthy stars.

“I would never even think I’d be talking to Nicki Minaj or Drake or people of that stature. It kind of feels weird because I’ve seen these people blow up and I’ve listened to these people and I’ve known them their whole career.”

He summed up the experience by declaring, “For me to even be friends with these people is like, yo, that’s insane.”

Kai Cenat Brings The Motivation While Manifesting An Acting Career

Moving on, Kai also shared some meaningful advice for his fans. Specifically, he implored them to “lock in” and realize their dreams while maintaining their spiritual health.

“Really focus on yourself. Lock in and whatever you wanna do is definitely possible. And just, you know, chase your dreams and don’t take any of it for granted. And pray. Have a close connection with God.”

As for what the future holds for Kai Cenat, he wrapped up by declaring that he hopes to get into acting eventually.

“I wanna get into movies and do a whole bunch of acting for real, for real. … Hopefully I’m just still happy and mentally good and just doing what I do. But my goal is to get into acting more. Definitely.”

Shoutout to Kai Cenat, and we wish him well in his future endeavors!

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