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Lashawn Thompson: Autopsy Confirms Severe Neglect, Lack Of Medication, Mental Health Crisis Caused Death At Fulton County Jail

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This is one of the most disturbing and disgusting stories we’ve ever written about and based on the newest available evidence, someone(s) has to face consequences.

Lashawn Thompson died in September 2022  slumped over his insect-infested jail cell toilet at Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail. It’s a horrific and undignified way to take your last breaths and that wouldn’t be the case if he received the care that all humans, incarcerated or free, deserve. According to an NBCNews report, forensic pathologist Roger A. Mitchell has concluded that numerous factors including fatal cardiac arrhythmia, dehydration, malnourishment, and rapid weight loss factors led to Thompson’s death. Additionally, Mitchell did not see any traces of the prescribed medication that Thompson was to be given for his diagnosed schizophrenia disorder.

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Ubiquitous civil rights attorney Ben Crump and attorney Michael Harper are representing the family and released a statement following the cause of death confirmation:

These autopsy findings confirm that Lashawn Thompson was killed by the extreme neglect of the Fulton County Jail and its staff. He was dehydrated, malnourished, and his body was infested inside and out with insects – it is truly one of the most horrific cases we have seen. This man endured a torturous death. It is unfathomable that no one working in this facility lifted a finger to help Lashawn as he slowly died for three months on their watch. Their inaction, cruelty, and inhumanity killed him. We will do everything in our power to hold those responsible for Lashawn’s death accountable. Lashawn, his family, and everyone who has suffered in the so-called care of Fulton County Jail deserve at least that much.”
Mitchell also noted that during his investigation into the care that Thompson should have been receiving he found 43 days where there was minimal documentation of rendered aid. Letting a man rot away for almost two months without any care is a textbook definition of neglect. Based on everything Mitchell found, he rule that Lashawn Thompson’s death is a homicide.
Now, whose head do we need to put on the guillotine for such a criminally egregious lack of empathy?

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