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Lil Wayne Explains Why He Ranks LeBron James As The Greatest Of All Time Over Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant

Lil Wayne – Source: Scott Dudelson / Getty

Lil Wayne pleads his case on why LeBron James is the GOAT over Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan on All The Smoke.

When it comes to hip-hop culture and sports the two go hand in hand. As the old saying goes “Rappers want to be athletes and athletes want to be rappers”. One of the rappers who has submerged himself in sports culture is Lil Wayne. One thing about Weezy is you’ll always catch him at a game when he has time. At least once a season you’ll catch him on your favorite sports debate shows. Recently Lil Wayne dropped by Stack5’s and Matt Barnes All The Smoke Podcast to talk sports as the NBA season winds down. While on the podcast Wayne tackled the age-old debate of who is the greatest NBA player of all time. Weezy’s answer might surprise you given his very close friendship with Kobe Bryant.

“Bron, I don’t know Bron personally so my answer for Bron would be from afar,” he explained. “My answer for Bron is on the court. Bron, you gotta remember, I know for a fact I loved Jordan for the way he always won. As a kid, you don’t know too much about the ins and outs of the game.”

“I got old enough to know how hard it is to f*cking do it back-to-back-to-back,” Wayne said of MJ’s two three-peats. “So that’s where he got his respect with me, and started getting his respect with me to where he’s the greatest. It’s very hard to do, and that ni**a Bron did that sh*t with three different teams.”

Weezy went on to explain the same thing we praise Jordan for should also be what makes us praise LeBron even more. He gives Jordan props for being the main guy and snagging two three-peats. However, Bron gets Tunechi’s vote for winning with three different teams.

“That right there… he ain’t got six, but he done it with three different teams. And not on one of those muthafuckin’ teams did he play role two,” said Weezy. “That right there is what tipped him over the Jordan scale for me.”

While Weezy does make valid points there will never be an answer everyone can agree on. However, the question and topic make for some great arguments and sports talk. You can watch the full episode of All The Smoke below.

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