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‘Love During Lockup’ Exclusive: Latisha Encounters An Obstacle Trying To Bring Her Felon Hubby Into Her Business

We’re getting close to the end of the week, which means it’s almost time for a brand new episode of Love During Lockup!

Source: Courtesy / WeTV

We’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip from Friday’s episode of Love During Lockup for your viewing pleasure. In the clip below Latisha’s lawyer gives her a warning about running a business with her husband in prison.

Check it out:

Thank God she’s got some good representation looking out! Gotta love how Latisha’s lawyer broke it all the way down for her. Are you surprised she thought a convicted felon could be part of a tax business?

Here’s what else to expect from Friday’s all-new episode:

Andy spirals out of control when Brittney calls him a liar. Raneka’s goodbye party explodes into chaos. Latisha’s lawyer gives a shocking warning about her prison hubby. Savannah is ghosted by Jake’s family. Kerok threatens to cut off Britney.

Do you guys have a favorite couple yet this season? We’re only a few episodes in so far but — whew the way the chaos is already starting to swirl all over the place!

The all-new episode of Love During Lockup airs Friday August 4th at 9pm EST on WeTV.

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