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‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Ratings Drop to Season Low

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The recent arrests of LAMH stars haven’t gone unnoticed by fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have a lot to say about the current season of the show on social media. This is due to the fact that multiple cast members were arrested in the last couple of months. Destiny Payton was arrested for identity theft. Maurice Scott picked up a DUI recently. Martell Holt was arrested for domestic violence in the third degree, harassing communications after Melody Shari Rodgers pressed charges against him. He has since been convicted. However, he did appeal and the trial takes place in September. The seriousness of the matter rubbed many fans of the show the wrong way. In response to Martell not being removed from the show, they have decided to boycott LAMH.

The blackout wasn’t something every fan intended to support. Some planned to watch the latest episodes. But they were immediately turned off by how the cast and others addressed Martell’s arrest. In one highly criticized scene, Martell described what he did as “just a text message,” while Miss Marlene told Martell he was a great husband and to never change.

LAMH fans have tuned out of the latest episodes.

Nell Fletcher told Stormi Steele that she didn’t agree with Martell being arrested because she didn’t like seeing Black men locked up. She later acknowledged her sentiments stemmed from her sons’ ongoing legal issues. Both were arrested recently.

Others have complained that the show has become too “boring” to keep supporting. They aren’t all that interested in the current storylines and new cast members. As we reported, Destiny returned to call out her ex-boyfriend Moses Monroe for marrying her former producer, Sunni Minx. Plus, LAMH newbies Latricia and Ken can’t make things official until Latricia officially divorces her estranged husband of five years.

Well, ratings have dropped significantly for “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” The most recent episode pulled in 238,000 viewers. The ratings have been dropping for weeks. And this is a season-low.

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