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‘Lucky To Be Alive’: Keyshia Cole’s Baby Daddy Niko Khale Reveals He Survived A Near-Fatal Stabbing

Keyshia Cole’s ex Niko Khale was hospitalized after a near-fatal stabbing and said he’s “lucky to be alive.”

Source: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

Fans offered prayers when he posted a picture in a hospital bed with his and Keyshia’s 3-year-old Tobias. Niko didn’t share any information in his first update on Instagram except gratitude to still be here.

“Lucky to be alive. God got us,” he mysteriously wrote on Friday.

In a follow-up on Saturday, he explained that he survived a stabbing. The vicious attack left him with a punctured lung. Niko needed emergency surgery to repair the damage from stab wounds to his arm and chest, which also ruptured his diaphragm.

The proud father didn’t go into detail about what happened, but the life-saving surgery already sounds like a terrifying ordeal.

“Got stabbed in my chest and my arm. My lung was punctured and collapsed. My diaphragm was also ruptured. They had to cut my stomach open and put a tube in my chest so I could breathe,” he said.

The series of pictures showed the “Something Changed About You” rapper’s road to recovery.

“By the grace of God today I’m back on my feet and I am breathing on my own,” he continued.

In addition to another photo in a hospital bed, seemingly clinging to life, he highlighted his support system. Niko posed with two loved ones who visited him. He also shared a picture in a wheelchair with his medical team behind him.

Niko didn’t speak on the almost deadly attack that damaged multiple organs. However, fans in the replies have already started reading between the lines and sharing theories.

Commenters claimed Niko didn’t need to say about the incident because nothing speaks volumes like scrubbing your partner off of your social media. Internet sleuths clocked that recent pictures of his girlfriend suddenly disappeared from his profile.

“Must’ve been the girlfriend,” one reply guessed.

“It was definitely the girlfriend , she deleted all their pictures off her page. SMH,” another added, fueling the theory.

They noted that the lovebirds were inseparable until Niko was fighting for his life in the hospital.

“Old girl not there … I take it that there’s a warrant out for her arrest,” someone else concluded.

“Speculation is what is going on at this very moment BUT …. it’s questionable how the girlfriend has been in EVERY other photo and video with him BUT at this tragic time she’s NOWHERE to be found, it’ll be even more alarming if she described her social media. Inquiring minds have to wonder BUT most of all prayers for a speedy recovery!

According to social media detectives, the couple “just had moved in together.” One observed that Niko’s most recent girlfriend is “extremely clingy if we’re being honest and I HOPE she didn’t Snapp SERIOUSLY.”

Yikes! He hasn’t confirmed or denied anything about the attack or his current relationship status. His high-profile coupledom with Keyshia Cole went public in 2018. The couple welcomed the birth of their son, Tobias, the next year.

They broke up in 2020 but maintained a good co-parenting relationship. Niko posts plenty of pics of adorable father-son time with his only child.

We’re wishing Niko Khale a full and fast recovery. Get well soon!

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