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#MAFS Exclusive Clip: The Cast Chats About Post-Show Challenges & Shaq Defends Kirsten–‘She’s An Amazing Person’

Five months after Decision Day, the Nashville couples are getting together for a weekend retreat and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive first look.

Source: Haley Maria Smith Photography/ Matthew Khan Photography / Kinetic Content

During tonight’s episode of #MAFS “Where Are They Now” airing at 8/7 c on Lifetime, viewers will see Shaq and Kirsten, Airris, Nicole and Chris, Clint and Gina, and Mack and Dom reflecting on their season and seeing if they can find a way to all remain friends.

While new relationships are growing, there is still some unfinished business that needs to be dealt with and after an emotional reunion, a few of the couples have things they need to get off their chest.

Last week we saw the group chat with Kevin Frazier about their respective marriages and now they’re discussing social media reactions to their pairings.

Nicole openly admits that cruel comments about her body and alleged “trauma bonding” with her husband bother her…

Source: Haley Maria Smith Photography / Kinetic Content

while Clint claims that people bashing Gina gets on his nerves.

“That’s just not fair because you guys are not seeing her in her full light.”

Gina also says that she got hate mail and negative Google reviews from #MAFS watchers.

Source: Matthew Khan Photography / Kinetic Content

As for Shaq, he’s surprisingly defensive when it comes to Kirsten.

Source: Matthew Khan Photography / Kinetic Content

Despite him choosing divorce on Decision Day and making a comment about her “lack of nurturing”, Shaq still feels protective when it comes to the realtor.

“Hold on, you not gonna talk about my wife,” says Shaq. “Regardless of what happens between us, she’s an amazing person, sweet as hell.”

He’s also defensive about his homeboy Airris considering that people think he’s obsessed with sex.

Source: Haley Maria Smith Photography / Kinetic Content

“Does Airris only talk about sex? Nah, the dude is funny,” says Shaq.

Ultimately the group decides to raise their glasses to “being present in the moment.”

“And we’re gonna party our a***es off!” says Clint.

Are you ready to party with the #MAFS Nashville crew during their “Where Are They Now” special?


Take an exclusive look below.

Married At First Sight: Where Are They Now airs TONIGHT, Wednesday, July 5 at 8/7 c on Lifetime!


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