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#MarriedToMedicine: Quad Calmly ‘Crashing’ Sweet Tea’s Bachelorette Party Causes Commotion, Star Insouciantly Insists She Was Just ‘Doing Her Job’

Miss Quad, “she got it, she got it” including some side-eyes about her attendance at the bachelorette party of her ex-husband’s betrothed. Despite the comments, she remains unbothered and she’s explaining what really went down.

On Sunday’s episode of Married To Medicine, viewers saw Quad calmly walk into the “pamper party” of Lateasha a.k.a. Sweet Tea ahead of her marrying Quad’s ex-husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

Source: Phylicia J. L. Munn / Bravo

While many thought there would be a huge blowup between the ladies, Tea asked Quad to sit next to her and happily accepted gifts from Dr. G’s ex.

“I’m about to throw up in my mouth, why is she here?” asked fellow Married To Medicine star Toya in a confessional before asking the group who invited Quad to the party.

“I’m just really trying to understand Quad ended up walking through the door when she wasn’t invited.”

Quad then shared that she was invited by Phaedra and Phaedra explained why she brought Dr. Gregory’s ex to the party.

“If they are going to talk about Quad, I want to help them remember how much a fun girl she is,” said the lawyer.

No one can tell me. Sweet Tea didn’t. Watch the show!!! She totally fanned out when she saw @AbsolutelyQuad #Married2med

— Dr. Heavenly (@Dr_Heavenly) November 20, 2023

Despite Toya’s reservations, Sweet Tea seemed perfectly fine with having Quad at her party and she listened intently as the ex-wife told her that she “feels no animosity” towards her.

The peaceful moment was ruined however when Toya interjected again and noted that Sweet Tea previously grew aggravated with the group for even mentioning Quad’s name.

“Can I be real?” asked Toya. “How is it possible that you never met this girl in your life, and she just pops up at your bridal shower and a week a go you were saying that you didn’t want us bringing up her motherf***g name? And then she comes [here] and you say, ‘Come sit next to me?’”

Ultimately Toya decided that it was time for Quad to leave and as the party planner for the bachelorette bash, she insisted that she was escorted out.

“This is not the time or place,” said Toya. “And Phaedra, can you walk your friend out?”

Sweet Tea agreed that it was for the best, and Quad politely left.

Amid TONSSSS of chatter on social media…

They wanted a scene and she gave them show. Pretty and all. Had the haters seething! Miss Quad! Miss Quad! She got it! She got it! 😍 #Married2Med

— Lights Out (@NewSeasonTre) November 20, 2023


— Toya Bush-Harris (@toyabushharris) November 20, 2023

Quad showing up to Gold Peak’s bachelorette party was perfect.

Might be her party, but it’s Quads show.

And don’t fucking forget it.#Married2Med

— LookAtDustin (@LookAtDustin) November 20, 2023

Thank you!!!😊

— Toya Bush-Harris (@toyabushharris) November 20, 2023

Quad told fans that she would never show up to a party uninvited.

Hit the flip for her tweets about her bachelorette “crashing” controversy.

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