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Mayhem Unleashed: Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III Exhibition Ends in Chaos, Gotti’s Sister THREATENS Floyd’s Daughter Yaya

A brawl erupted at the end of an exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III when their entourages rushed into the ring on Sunday. Now, members of the Gotti family are issuing threats at the Floyd family with Gotti’s sister, Nicolette, hurling racist comments at Floyd’s daughter, Yaya. Deets inside…

In a chaotic turn of events at FLA Live Arena, boxing icon Floyd Mayweather made his long-awaited return to the ring on Sunday night, but the evening quickly spiraled into mayhem for everyone involved.

From the moment the exhibition bout between Mayweather and John Gotti III commenced, it was evident that this fight would be anything but ordinary. The confrontational atmosphere between the two camps led to a brief delay at the start, and Mayweather wasted no time toying with Gotti throughout the match.

Gotti frequently voiced his grievances and was even penalized for holding in the late stages of the fifth round. He lodged complaints to referee Kenny Bayless, alleging illegal blows to the back of his head and even resorting to an illegal hold against Mayweather.

As the sixth round unfolded with no respite, Bayless took the decisive step of calling off the fight. However, Gotti’s defiance took center stage as he maneuvered around Bayless, attempting to continue the brawl with Mayweather. The ensuing chaos engulfed the ring, with people from their camps joining the frenzy, leading to altercations both inside and outside the ropes.

Watch the chaos ensue below:

Complete chaos after the Floyd Mayweather-John Gotti III fight was stopped

(via @The_ZeusNetwork)

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) June 12, 2023



It is CHAOS right now, as there’s a brawl in the ring while Mayweather runs to the back. Fights everywhere. #MayweatherGotti @sn_fights

— Daniel Yanofsky (@DanYanofsky) June 12, 2023


A mess.

Folks from both camps fought outside of the ring as well:

John Gotti’s crew kicks the shit out of Floyd Mayweather’s crew back stage following the fight last

— The NPC Show (@TheNPCShow) June 12, 2023



Gotti, a 30-year-old fighter with an impressive 5-1 MMA record and a perfect 2-0 record as a professional boxer, had previously secured victories over opponents like Alex Citrowske. Notably, he is the grandson of the infamous former New York mob boss, John Gotti.

Meanwhile, 46-year-old Mayweather, who officially retired from boxing in 2017 with an unblemished record, has continued to engage in exhibition matches. In fact, his clash with Gotti marked his seventh fight since retirement, but unfortunately, it also proved to be the most poorly organized of them all.

Sunday night’s event at FLA Live Arena left a trail of chaos that has spilled online.

After the fight, Gotti took to social media, expressing his frustration with Mayweather and labeling him a lifelong enemy. He wrote how the boxing champ “never put me down or stopped me” and calling him an “enemy for life.”

It didn’t stop there…

Nicolette, Gotti’s sister, allegedly made disturbing and racist threats towards Mayweather’s daughter, Yaya Mayweather.

In a message that has since been deleted, Nicolette reportedly wrote, “@floydmayweather your daughter was ran through by [an] animal with 12 different baby mamas – your little circus animal – [you’re] all a pack of zoo animals. I swear on my kids I’m coming for your daughter, it may be 2 years, 3 years from now but I’m coming c–t.”

As of Monday, Nicolette’s Instagram page is set to private. Hmph.

Floyd’s sister, Fannie Jean, got wind of Nicolette’s threat and clapped back at Nicolette.

“I don’t play about my niece at all. God knew I shouldn’t of been at that fight bcuz we’d all be in jail,” Fannie Jean wrote on her IG Story.


In a timeline post, Fannie Jean shared a screenshot of Nicolette’s threat with the caption, “If she wanted to say NIGGER she should’ve just said it..How you come from a MOB family and openly threatening ppl. It’s giving [rat emoji].”

Swipe below for more:




Before the fight, Mayweather walked out walked out with his grandson – Yaya and NBA Youngboy’s son – KJ. We pray he was not harmed or traumatized during the chaos. Watch their entrance below:

As if the mega fight in the ring wasn’t enough, Joseline Hernandez got into a brawl backstage with Zeus reality star Big Lex. The former “Love & Hip Hop” star, who made headlines last week for fighting Amber Rose, was seen fighting Big Lex backstage in a dress during a fit of rage. We’re not posting the video here, but you can check out here.

This morning, the Broward County Sherrif’s office charged Joseline with four charges, which include one count of battery domestic violence/touch or strike, one count of battery touch or strike, one count of trespassing unoccupied structure or conveyance and a count of resisting arrest.


Photo: Twitter & IG Screenshots

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