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Meagan Good’s ‘Cousin Skeeter’ Co-Star Robert Ri’chard Defends Her Relationship With Jonathan Majors

Meagan Good’s former ‘Cousin Skeeter’ co-star Robert Ri’chard is speaking out and sharing his opinion on her relationship with Jonathan Majors. As The Shade Room previously reported, the two have allegedly been dating one another since May.

The pair’s alleged relationship has also been blossoming amid Major’s ongoing domestic violence case following his arrest for assault and harassment in March.

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Robert Ri’chard Weighs In On His Former Co-Star’s Romance With Jonathan Majors

TMZ recently caught up with Ri’chard and questioned his feelings regarding Good and her romance with Majors. The actor believes that despite the public’s concern for Good and her romantic choices, “we have nothing to worry about.”

“I think that she’s one of the most iconic people on the planet — I mean, we love Meagan Good. I think the entire world does, and we certainly use her as a standard for what beauty is, inside and out. And she’s a godly woman, so we have nothing to worry about…”

Additionally, Ri’chard explained he believes the public should give Majors grace before they judge him, referencing his ongoing domestic violence case.

“This is America, right? You should be innocent until proven guilty, right?… It’s important to let the facts come out as they may.

Ri’chard Explains Whether He Feels Good Is “Soiling Her Reputation” With Link To Majors

The actor then went on to weigh in on whether Meagan Good is “soiling her reputation” by being linked to Majors during this time.

“I’m sure she’s not the first person who stood behind a man who might be wrongfully accused judge for something he may or may not have done…”

Ri’chard explained that he doesn’t know Majors “personally.” However, he believes Good has a solid “judge of character.”

“She’s been excellent her entire life. She’s always sort of been associated with leading men [who are] upstanding. Her last man that she was associated with is like the leader of all of us as far as religiously. So she’s been a great, great judge of character.”

The actor ended his statements about Good by explaining that she would never “jeopardize” how the public views her.

Meagan Good’s Ex-Husband Has Also Weighed In On Her Alleged Romance With Majors

As The Shade Room previously reported, DeVon Franklin recently weighed in on his ex-wife’s alleged relationship with Jonathan Majors. Franklin explained that he’s cried many nights amid their parting of ways. However, he is not “upset” his ex-wife has moved on.

Furthermore, he believes Good is “happy,” and that alone is a “blessing.”

“Upset me? No, no. She’s happy. That’s a blessing…”

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