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Meek Mill Addresses Backlash For Saying ‘Free Tory Lanez’ During Rolling Loud Performance: ‘I Don’t Got A Controlled Voice’

Meek Mill is responding to social media criticism after shouting out “Free Tory Lanez” during a recent performance. As The Shade Room previously reported, Lanez is currently awaiting sentencing in the shooting trial of fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

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Meek Mill Says “Free Tory Lanez” During Rolling Loud Portugal Performance

The 36-year-old recently performed his 2016 single “Litty,” featuring Tory Lanez, during his set at Rolling Loud Portugal. Toward the end of the song, the rapper could be heard saying, “That was f*****g lit.”

He also continued by adding another sentiment.

“Free Tory Lanez, too, one time.”

Social Media Reacts

Meek Mill’s sentiment was met with some cheer from the crowd. However, social media users in The Shade Room’s comment section did not seem to agree with his stance.

One Instagram user, @marco_____polo____, made a general statement.

“Y’all say free people knowing they done killed somebody ”
While Instagram user, @simply.spencc, added another sentiment.
Y’all know the phrase “everyone women knows another women who’s been SA. But most men claim they don’t know men doing the SA” This is an example they DO know, they just DGAF! #ProtectBlackWomen
Instagram user, @nishax7, made a stronger statement speculating the rapper’s thoughts against “women.”
It’s obvious he don’t like women anyways. Look at how he treat them. I just wish these folks would come out the closet already & stop coming at/for us black women
While Instagram user @toptierqueeen raved about Megan Thee Stallion receiving justice with Tory Lanez’ conviction.
“I’m so HAPPY Megan got justice ”
Instagram user, @symply_tacha, seemed to implore Meek Mill to “think before talking.”
“Free Tory Lanez like he’s in prison unjustly!! Did we not all witness the trial?? Didn’t some evidences make it down here to shade room?? He’s getting freed because he’s innocent or whaaat? Please think before talking, or just dont talk at all. Go and put out new music”
While Instagram user, @tajonyx, spoke about the “danger” of the public believing a court of “opinion” as opposed to a court of law.
“We are entering into a dangerous era where people believe the court of “opinion” more than a court of LAW. This black woman was shot at its getting weird”
On the flip side, Instagram user @its.just.destinyyy explained why she believes in Tory Lanez’ innocence.
“Idc what y’all say! Free Tory ! There’s no proof proven against him. Open that cell let that talented young man out of jail”
While Instagram user, @im_in_a_bind_nate___, explained that everyone is entitled to their “own opinion.”
“Everybody ain’t gotta hate Tory!!! Ppl are allowed to have they own opinion”

Meek Mill Seemingly Responds To Backlash

Since the performance, Meek Mill has taken to Threads to share his response to the criticism.

“I say free young thug …  I say free lucci … free melly I don’t even know why y’all start dealing with us if y’all gone try to smear us …. That’s why I stick to the trenches”

Additionally, the rapper reposted the Thread message to his Instagram Story with a brief caption.

“What is the draw line, I got n****s locked up for bodies the ain’t do… I don’t got a controlled voice”

Roomies, what are your thoughts on this?

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