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‘Misconstrued’ Messiness: Kelly Price Clarifies ‘Righteous’ Religious Reply To Diddy’s Apology — ‘Do The Soul Work… Therapy Is Not Enough’

After responding to Diddy’s apology with prayers, Kelly Price blasted backlash for her “misconstrued” message, saying she didn’t “offer redemption… because my name is Kelly, not Jesus.”

Source: Prince Williams/ Shareif Ziyadat / Getty

Social media users were just as critical of Diddy and what many, including Cassie’s attorney, still consider a “non-apology” as they were about his defenders rushing to accept it. He denied all allegations of abuse and assault until as recently as last week.

Anyone remember when Cassie filed a lawsuit that detailed this video incident and many other also horrifying acts of abuse? And Diddy issued a statement categorically denying everything? Is his statement now about as genuine as that one?

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) May 19, 2024

Social media users still debate whether Diddy’s “truly sorry” for his brutal assault of Cassie captured in the 2016 surveillance footage or just sorry he got caught on camera for the world to see.

Kelly Price Faces Biblical Backlash For Responding To Diddy’s Apology Video With Prayers

Kelly Price got put on blast for posting prayers under Diddy’s suspiciously-timed and poorly received “come to Jesus” moment. Critics accused her of offering the acceptance abusers count on to launch rebrands and apology tours from church.

He can actually. And Christianity will be how he does it bc Black people love to let abuser lose on the vulnerable in the name of Jesus and forgiveness.

You already see folks like Kelly Price giving him the opening smdh

— Grand Theft O-V-hOe (@JanKiszes) May 20, 2024

On Sunday, the former Bad Boy singer shut down the speculation that she’s a “Diddy cheerleader.” Kelly claimed her now-deleted Christian comments were “a warning” that Diddy still needed to “do the soul work.” She took to Instagram Live to check everyone who “misconstrued, misinterpreted or just chose to put words in my mouth.”

“I won’t let anyone call me out for something I didn’t do. I can’t offer redemption, forgiveness or Grace because my name is Kelly, not Jesus,” she wrote in her captions before doubling down on the “soul work” of “Therapy+Jesus.”

“What happens legally is up to the people who have that authority,” she added.

Kelly’s full 12-minute explanation is included below, but BOSSIP watched the full thing so you don’t have to.

In the video, Kelly denies clout-chasing, picking a side, or condoning something “so horrific” as a fellow “survivor of SA (sexual assault).”

“I have not spoken about any of this stuff since it’s come out. I don’t stand with anything that is criminal. None of us can unsee what we saw,” the gospel singer explained.

‘So it wasn’t ‘Oh, my God! I’m praying for you! Why are they trying to drag the Black man down?’” she said mocking apologists still caping for Diddy. “Do the soul work because there’s nothing that therapy, a psychologist, a psychiatrist… they can give you steps to try not to repeat the behavior, but if you don’t get your soul right, there will not be real change.”

The R&B Divas star added she expected Diddy to listen because she never partied or socialized with him. “Everybody knew I just wasn’t about certain things,” Kelly explained about her time on his label.

Kelly Price’s Response To Diddy’s Apology And The Social Media Backlash

Check out Kelly’s initial response to Diddy below, which one X (formerly Twitter) user called “unhinged.”

If you’ve read the actual lawsuit, you’d know this is truly unhinged.

— I Don’t Care What Cole Think 😅 (@KirkWrites79) May 19, 2024

“It is my sincere prayer that the power of the Holy Ghost overtake you so that you not only have a change of heart but a change of mind and a change of direction. I have seen you at your best and at your worst.

“I know what you are capable of being when you were at your best despite the seductions of this industry. I want to see you and I want to see you soon, too,” Kelly commented on Sunday.

“You are a unique talent and both sides that represent light and darkness receive you anxiously,” she continued.

Several comments were not on Kelly’s (or Diddy’s side), demanding more prayers and support for Cassie instead. Check out more of the social media backlash from Kelly Price’s comments below.

Why did Kelly Price insert herself into this situation? Cassie and the other people that man abused should be offered that support.

— J. C. (@grimesfam2) May 19, 2024

Kelly Price taking up for Diddy extra wild when you consider the fact that he thought she was too fat, Black and ugly to be seen in his video but proudly stood next to Biggie in them for years

— The Neighborhood Publicist (@nhoodpublicist) May 19, 2024

Kelly Price watched the same video we did and decided the best course of action was try and uplift Diddy….

— Big Girl Slay 💋 (@Biggirlslay) May 20, 2024

Kelly Price showed us who she was on R&B Divas.

I know that was a long time ago and maybe not on some folks radar at the time because of the network, but…

No reason to be surprised here. Disappointed, sure. Not surprised tho.

— A SEASONED PROFESSIONAL (@ASmith86) May 20, 2024

Wait ppl are mad at Kelly price for praying for Diddy …yall need help 😂🤔

— Drécö ♊️ 🃏 (@___KvngDee) May 20, 2024

kelly price giving christians a bad rep rn

— mel 💎 (@theemelanievee) May 20, 2024

Kelly Price didn’t even rush to Cassie’s page to pray for her and that’s why I don’t take these prayer warriors seriously. Always praying for the abusers but not the abused.

— Bj 🎞 (@fettyfilm) May 20, 2024

Christians will make space for predators, their thieving pastors & pedophiles, and will exile outspoken women & queer folk. Very unserious and dangerous demographic.

— Goddess of BLACK. (@xm_muva) May 20, 2024

Kelly price spent 12 minutes defending the first sentence… not her wanting to do business with him.. not her giving him his flowers..

— Sir Mac (@Rosa_taxidriver) May 20, 2024


Fuck Kelly Price AND Diddy. I HATE when ppl use religion to try to excuse abusers without them showing any type of effort to change

— Seb (@hiveclownprince) May 20, 2024

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