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Momma Dee Accuses Bambi Of Fraud While Speaking On Fighting Her Mother: ‘Yo Momma Got Her Face All Scratched Up’

Bambi recently let it be known that she’s not here for Momma Dee shading a past Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta hot tub scene she had with Benzino.

In fact, Bambi said she should instead be more worried about her “loose teeth” and questioned where this energy was when her mother was “beating the breaks off” of Dee.

In turn, Momma Dee is also going IN and saying that she whooped Bambi’s mother during their physical altercation. Additionally, she’s sharing accusations about Bambi supposedly lying on “federal paperwork.”

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Bambi Denies Being Intimate With Benzino Before Saying Her Mother HANDLED Momma Dee

The matter was drudged up after Momma Dee blasted the hot tub scene in question on social media.

For context, the “infamous” clip features Bambi cozying up to Benzino while sipping wine alongside various others, including Kirk Frost.

While chatting about Bambi, Momma Dee threw shade over her being “in the hot tub with all these men.” She even went as far as declaring, “Benzino hit it that night.”

Once Bambi caught wind of these comments, she hopped on Instagram and proclaimed, “This was such a fun time in my life … Benzino was always hella cool with me.”

She was also sure to add, “I know it’s hard to fathom being able to date without having sex with people … but it’s a real thing.”

Then, she explicitly went in on Momma Dee for being “weird” and “obsessed.”

“I’d never let a b***h with loose teeth or the internet make me feel bad for living my life. This weird a*s lady is obsessed with me.”

At this point, Bambi also brought up her mother supposedly “beating the breaks” off of Dee.

“Where was this energy for my mom when she was beating the breaks off yo a*s? Talk about that … pure example of a b***h getting her a*s beat and still won’t shut up!”

After quipping that “pills, liquor and the internet is a volatile combination,” Bambi wrapped up by stating, “Next time that toof fall out roll it up and smoke it.” Oop!

Dee Shares Her Side Of The Story, Says Bambi Pulled “Government S**t”

Of course, Momma Dee swiftly responded and placed heavy emphasis on noting that she was the one who won the fight with Bambi’s mother.

“Yo momma got her face all scratched up. You forgot to tell that! F**k you, Bambi. F**k you and the h*e you come out of.”

She continued, bashing Bambi’s “big and bad” mother. Momma Dee also declared, “Her momma face got f**ked up because I made sure I stuck all my nails in that b***h face.”

“Go get your mouth fixed. Better yet, pick your momma face off her g*ddamn chest and get them golfball-sized dimples out her legs. Since your momma so big and bad.”

Finally, she wrapped up with an ominous threat relating to accusations about Bambi pulling “government s**t.”

“I’m responding, Bambi. Don’t f**king come for me. Because I know the government s**t that you done did. Don’t make me make a phone call to the social security office on your momma, b***h.”

Before hopping off, Momma Dee said Bambi has a “paper trail” before alleging she “lied on federal paperwork.” She also told Bambi to “get back” and leave her alone before she spills more.

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