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NAACP Warns Black Americans about Travel in Florida + Floridians Demand Recognition for Fighting Problematic Legislation

Black Americans are being cautioned about visiting Florida by the NAACP. The advisory coincides with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis plans to run for president in 2024 after his attempt to erase Black history and stifle diversity, equity, and inclusion programs within Florida schools. More inside…

In a bold stand against injustice, the NAACP has unleashed a formal travel advisory for the sun-soaked state of Florida. With passionate conviction, they accuse Governor Ron DeSantis of attempting to erase the vibrant tapestry of Black history and stifling diversity, equity, and inclusion programs within Florida schools.

But the NAACP is not alone in their concerns. Joined by the League of United Latin American Citizens and the tireless advocates of Equality Florida, a chorus of caution rings out, urging travelers to reconsider their Florida plans.

Derrick Johnson, the spirited President and CEO of the NAACP, fearlessly proclaimed, “Under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, the state of Florida has become hostile to Black Americans and in direct conflict with the democratic ideals that our union was founded upon. He should know that democracy will prevail because its defenders are prepared to stand up and fight. We’re not backing down, and we encourage our allies to join us in the battle for the soul of our nation.”

The timing of this advisory is no mere coincidence. It emerges just days before Governor DeSantis is set to unleash his ambitions onto the national stage with a presidential campaign. The spotlight shines brightly on Florida, revealing a state grappling with its own complexities.

But in response, DeSantis’ press secretary swiftly dismissed the NAACP advisory as nothing more than a hollow stunt, echoing the Governor’s recent declaration of record-breaking tourism in the state. A clash of perspectives ignites, casting the struggle between these opposing forces into sharper relief.

A fierce clash is brewing between those protecting history and diversity, and those shaping Florida’s future. The battle lines are drawn, capturing the nation’s attention as everyone eagerly anticipates how this showdown will unfold.

Floridians want everyone to know they aren’t just resting on their laurels and that they are fighting back against their super racist state government:

A Florida judge ruled on Thursday that a law supported by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that restricts race-based discussion and analysis in business and education is unconstitutional.

In a 44-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker of Tallahassee ruled that the “Stop WOKE” act violates the First Amendment and is impermissibly vague. Walker also refused to issue a stay, which would have kept the law in effect while the state appealed.


Ron DeSantis’s ultra-MAGA Florida isn’t safe for people of color, LGBTQ+ people, or even multi-billion dollar corporations.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) May 23, 2023

The law aims to combat what DeSantis has described as a “pernicious” ideology exemplified by critical race theory — the idea that racism is systemic in U.S. institutions and serves to maintain white dominance in society.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will announce his presidential candidacy during a meeting with Twitter CEO Elon Musk, according to three sources familiar with the plans.

On Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST, Musk and DeSantis will host an event on Twitter Spaces, the site’s platform for audio chats. It will be moderated by David Sacks, a tech entrepreneur who is close to Musk and a supporter of DeSantis.

The campaign will release a launch video that evening, and DeSantis will begin visiting several early states after Memorial Day.


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