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New Hair, Who Dis?! Sha’Carri Richardson Tosses Wig Before Setting New Track & Field Record, ‘I’m Not Back, I’m Better’

Sha’Carri Richardson ripped herself out the old look, now she’s acting brand new. She ditched her signature bright orange hair moments before winning the 100m U.S. Championships sprint, proving, “I’m not back. I’m better.”

Source: Christian Petersen / Getty

Just like a lot of track stars before her time, Richardson runs in style and is known not only for her fast speed but also for her colorful hair and long, decorated nails.

Source: Christian Petersen / Getty

However, Richardson decided to shock the crowd as her name was called before the 100-meter race. She took off her bright orange wig and tossed it away. Symbolizing a shedding of her old self and introducing a new Sha’Carri Richardson to fans and spectators.

Sha’Carri Richardson tossing her wig off before running 10.82 to win the 100m US Championship was TV GOLD 😂

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) July 8, 2023

Underneath the orange wig were long, detailed braids with a design of a star on the side and blonde highlights at the end. The reveal surprised viewers and had users on Twitter, like Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III, declare her viral moment as “TV gold!”

She said “Rip me out the wig cuz I been acting brand new”

— Tiz (@TizDaSzn) July 8, 2023

Proud of her. She was going through it after her mom died. Not an excuse but, I understood and she was young. She took a break & came back better. Rooting for her 🙌🏾

— MelMelly320 🇭🇹 (@melmelly320) July 8, 2023

Sha’Carri Richardson Announces A New Era Following Her Controversial Suspension

Source: Christian Petersen / Getty

After winning her 100-meter race with a time of 10.82, Richardson acknowledged her doping violation. The lightning-fast star reassured her fans know that she’s all the way back from her past mistake.

“Now, I stand here with you again. And I’m ready, mentally, physically and emotionally,” Richardson said. “I’m here to say, ‘I’m not back, I’m better.”

Richardson’s win this week at Hayward Field secured her spot in the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary next month. Richardson proved that she really is that girl and ran the fastest 100m time for an American woman since 2011, with a time of 10.71.

“I’m not back. I’m better.”

Sha’Carri Richardson after taking the women’s 100m national title.

— NBC Olympics & Paralympics (@NBCOlympics) July 8, 2023

From the looks of it, Richardson seems to be in great spirits and having the time of her life doing what she does best.

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