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Nick Arrington Explains His #SummerHouseMV Relationship Revelation & That Puzzling Phil Predicament [Exclusive]

Summerhouse Martha’s Vineyard is still sparking conversation and one of the stars whose relationship revelation made headlines is speaking out.

Source: Noam Galai / Bravo

Nicholas “Nick” Arrington has been burning up the house with not only stylish ensembles that include [purple label] Ralph Lauren but with the candid conversations he has with his housemates.

One such convo centered around his marital status that came as a surprise to many of the cast.

Near the beginning of the season, Nick admitted that he DMed one of his cast mates, Shaniece, but insisted that his messages were harmless and just friendly compliments about her athleticism.

“It’s just a message, were they a little flirty? Maybe,” said Nick. “Were they really really flirty? Could have been, how else are you going to get to know someone? By not saying anything at all?”


Later in episode 4, the “friendly” Brand Activation Manager revealed that he’s actually in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Tasia who he’s been seeing for almost a year and a half.

The news shocked not only Shanice who likened him to a f**k boy, but fellow Summerhouse Martha’s Vineyard stars Jordan and Bria who also accused Nick of sending them flirtatious DMs, and Jasmine who likened Nick to Nick Cannon.

During a dinner convo, Nick was questioned about his relationship amid an allegation that he suggestively called Shanice his “wife”, but he stood firm and said it was untrue.

“I never said that, there’s no one to corroborate this story,” said Nick who also said that he and Tasia are solid. “I didn’t say that.”

“I thought I could just be friendly knowing the end goal was friendship,” he added.

That’s something he doubled down on with BOSSIP.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’s Nick Arrington Talks The “Hidden Girlfriend” Scandal & The Chaotic Phil Situation

When Managing Editor Dani Canada asked if his girlfriend, who he recently attended the Polo Classic with, accepts the smoke” that comes with dating an attractive man (something he said on the show), he had an interesting response.


“I’ll put it to you this way. I mean, you’re a pretty woman, right? So it wouldn’t be a surprise if guys hit on you,” said Nick to BOSSIP.” I know it happens. Is it a big deal to me? No, because I know we’re together and we’re fine. So have you seen that Allen Iverson press conference that we’re talking about practice and he said-‘practice?!’”

“We’re talking about messages. I didn’t do anything with these women,” he added. “We’re talking about messages, so I’m just going to leave it at that.

“If it were a smoking gun, if you will—like, oh, I accidentally slipped and fell and I ended up in someone else’s bed [that would be different],” he added. “Didn’t happen.”

Still, he also admitted that his home life [with his significant other] “isn’t the best right now”, but they’re “making it work.”

That’s not all, however, Nick also spoke on that puzzling situation with Phil who spent only hours in the house before being unceremoniously kicked out.

The friend of Bria and Shanice rudely defecated in Nick’s toilet and refused to flush it because he was upset that Nick “stole” the bedroom he pre-picked before coming to the vineyard.

Chaos then ensued when he further insulted other housemates including Preston, Alex, Amir, and Jordan, and a house vote ultimately sent him packing.

According to Nick, he wanted no part of the chaotic situation and he’s disappointed by what went down.

“I think everyone saw it in my face and my demeanor I had no interest in this whatsoever,” said Nick to BOSSIP. “And I’m just like, bro, we’re bigger than this. You’re bigger than this. At least, I think the you are. I think the takeaway there, it really sucks that he showed up that way. Now we don’t know… That’s the only thing, we know nothing about him. And I know he’s more than that, but he didn’t give us an opportunity to learn anything else. It sucks.”

“And I mean that’s really all you can do. You just got to throw your hands up. I was like, bro, come on. You better than that,” he added. “Now the world just sees him as this person and it’s just unfortunate for him. “

A new episode of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard airs Sunday, June 18 at 9 p.m.ET/PT on Bravo.


Source: Noam Galai / Bravo

Check out our video exclusive with Nick Arrington up top.

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