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Nick Cannon Claps Back At Bre Tiesi’s Child Support Shade With ‘Lambo Support’ Post, Reveals Which Kid Sees Him Most

Nick Cannon claims he doesn’t play favorites when it comes to his dozen children but spends the “most time” with his 8-month-old daughter, Onyx.

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The Masked Singer host made an appearance on The Jason Lee Podcast last week where he revealed, “I’m with her, at least, three times a week.”

He added, “But I don’t put that out there in the media, social media [because] it’s not for them.”

Co-parenting the bambina with photographer and former Price Is Right model Lanisha Cole is a breeze. He says their “co-parenting operation is so solid” because they “have a super strong understanding.”

“If you see me on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays, my daughter [Onyx] is right next to me –whether I’m on set,” the Wild N’ Out host claimed.

To carry out his fatherly duties as he works, Cannon created a nursery inside his office.

“I’m with her, at least, three times a week, for the full day,” he revealed. The 42-year-old continued, “I’m literally gonna leave here to make sure that I can spend the most time with her”.

Nick asserts he’s able to see Onyx so frequently because Lanisha, 41, gives him “the respect” to allow him to have their daughter as often as she does. He contends the time he spends with Onyx doesn’t conflict with his other children’s quality time since they are either in school or “babies.”

Was Nick Cannon’s Relationship With Lanisha Cole & Daughter Onyx Ice Cole Always So “Solid?”

Could Cannon put forth so much effort with his lil melanated mami now because he failed to mention her while naming his 12 kids on The Howard Stern Show?

“You know, I did,” he told Howard in April, admitting his mistake. “You threw me off because I was going in order!”

Howard Stern joked, “Poor Onyx.”

The entertainer replied his memory lapse would “create a problem” because he is “in trouble” with the mothers of his children constantly.

Nick Cannon struggles to remember all of his 12 children’s names

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) April 13, 2023

Social media critics quickly pounced, claiming it was predictable that he would forget his only fully black child.

Lanisha criticized Nick’s parenting in the past. Some even thought she slightly shaded him on social media in the caption of photos she posted of their baby girl.

“My whole world … the most beautiful little girl. I will do everything I can every single day to make sure she knows how special she is and how much I love and adore her.”

She concluded her cryptic caption, “I pray every day for strength, guidance, and peace. Regardless of where I’m at on my path, I know that God’s got me. And I’ve got Onyx.”

So they asked Nick Cannon to name all his kids and remembered all of them except for the one with 2 Black parents …

— We ❤️ Jews (@LaCienegaBlvdss) April 14, 2023

Lanisha also seemingly responded to Cannon’s Christmas posts that showcased him looking festive with several of his other children, “It’s important for me to keep things positive and maintain my peace in the midst of it all.”

She added, “It’s not easy but I have to do it for my daughter. She is incredibly blessed and is surrounded by so much love – and it’s not fake IG photo op love – it’s real day in and day out love.”

See more about Nick co-parenting with 6 baby mamas & his luxurious “Lambo” clap back to child support shade after the flip!

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