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Nicki Minaj Victim Of Swatting Pranks Involving False Claims Of Child Abuse & Fire

Nicki Minaj is one of the latest victims of swatting. According to Oxford Languages, swatting is making a prank call to emergency officials “to bring about the dispatch” of a plethora of “armed police officers” to a particular location.

The Swatting Claims Against The Rapper

Law enforcement officials reportedly informed TMZ that two instances of swatting occurred against the 40-year-old rapper earlier this month. The first was when authorities received an “anonymous call” in which alleged child abuse occurred against her two-year-old son in her Los Angeles, California home.

Additionally, when authorities arrived at Minaj’s home on Monday, June 5, to investigate the allegations, they found the claims false.

However, that was not the only swatting instance the rapper reportedly dealt with. That same evening, authorities received another call that Minaj’s home was on fire. These allegations were also false.

Nicki Minaj’s Reported Response To The Repeated Swatting Pranks

Nicki Minaj is reportedly not taking the swatting occurrence lightly. TMZ reports that the rapper has hired lawyers to ensure the suspects are “exposed” and “held accountable” for their actions. The outlet also reports that justice could involve criminal charges against the suspects.

Although Minaj has yet to publicly and directly address the matter, she took to Twitter on June 5 with a brief text post. Furthermore, she captioned the text post with, “Chiiiiiii.”

“You know someone is miserable with their own life when they’re constantly looking for a way to destroy someone else’s.”


— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) June 5, 2023

According to the outlet, swatting has become a “growing problem” for authorities around the country. Additionally, officials strongly discourage the action as it unnecessarily utilizes much “time and resources.”

Since the incident, Minaj has remained active on social media. Most recently, she promoted an upcoming song featuring Ice Spice which will also be included on the forthcoming ‘Barbie‘ movie soundtrack.

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