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Nine People Injured in Denver Shooting Near Ball Arena During Nuggets’ Championship Celebration

A celebratory night turns tragic as gunfire erupts during the Denver Nuggets’ NBA championship celebration. Nine people were injured, including the suspect. More inside…

The joyous atmosphere surrounding the Denver Nuggets’ historic NBA championship win was abruptly shattered as gunfire erupted near Ball Arena in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

According to local authorities, a total of nine individuals were shot during the incident, with three victims currently in critical condition. Thankfully, the remaining six victims, along with the suspect, sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Update 1/2: Nine total gunshot victims have been identified from the shooting in the 2000 Block of Market St, plus a suspect who also sustained a gunshot wound. 3 victims are in critical condition, the other victims & the suspect are believed to have non-life-threatening injuries

— Denver Police Dept. (@DenverPolice) June 13, 2023

The chaotic incident unfolded on Market Street, in close proximity to the arena where the Denver Nuggets claimed their first NBA championship title the night before, triumphing over the Miami Heat in a thrilling Game 5 of the NBA Finals with a hard-fought 94-89 victory. As the final buzzer sounded, an outpouring of jubilant fans flooded the streets, igniting an exuberant celebration that united the city.

Tragically, the joyous mood was shattered when shots rang out during an altercation involving multiple individuals, according to the Denver Police Department’s official Twitter account.

Update 2/2: This is a complex, ongoing investigation in its early stages. Preliminary info indicates multiple shots were fired during an altercation involving several individuals. Updates will be provided as they become available.

— Denver Police Dept. (@DenverPolice) June 13, 2023

The exact details of the altercation remain under investigation, but it is believed to have occurred approximately three-and-a-half hours after the conclusion of the game. The incident unfolded in the area where the largest concentration of fans had gathered, although the crowd had somewhat thinned out at the time of the shooting, according to Denver Police Department spokesperson Doug Schepman.

”As far as what led up to this altercation that resulted in the shots being fired, that’s still under investigation at this time,” police spokesperson Doug Schepman said. “It did occur in the area where we had largest gathering of folks celebrating during the night.”

The swift response of law enforcement led to the prompt identification and apprehension of the suspect, who was taken into custody without further incident. However, the investigation into the motives behind the shooting and the events leading up to it is ongoing.

As news of the shooting spread, shock and concern rippled through the community. The victims, some fighting for their lives, serve as a grim reminder of the consequences of gun violence.

As more details emerge and the healing process begins, Denver remains steadfast in its commitment to reclaiming its reputation as a city of champions while mourning the victims affected by this senseless act of violence.

Prayers up for all the victims and their families! It’s sad (and maddening) that people can’t have fun without worrying about ducking and dodging bullets!

On a positive note…




Congrats to the Nuggets!

Photo: AP Photo/David Zalubowski

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