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No Profit For Piggy: Sgt. Greg Capers Suspended Without Pay For Shooting Black 11-Year-Old Aderrien Murry

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Aderrien Murry was scared and trying to help defend his mother from her ex when he was shot in the chest by an inept, poorly trained, sorry excuse for a cop named Sgt. Greg Capers. The 11-year-old was fortunate to survive this harrowing incident, but that doesn’t mean that Capers’ career (or freedom) will have that same run of luck.

Source: screenshot / mississippifreepress

According to USA Today, the Board of Aldermen in Indianola, Mississippi voted 4-1 to suspend Capers without pay effective immediately. This changes his status from the previously ruled leave with pay.

“The family of Aderrien Murry, specifically his mother Nakala Murry, believes this is a step in the right direction,” said Carlos Moore, an attorney for the Murry family. Moore said the family is still demanding that Capers be terminated from his job and not be allowed to serve as a law enforcement officer again.

As a result of the officer’s reckless shooting, Murry suffered a collapsed lung, lacerated liver and fractured ribs. In speaking to Good Morning America last week, Murry said, “I actually thought I was about to lose my life.”

The sergeant’s attorney Michael Carr told USA Today, “I’m awfully sorry it happend to this young man, Officer Capers is awfully sorry this happened to this young man.”

Gee, thanks.

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