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Not My Man! Amara La Negra Seemingly Suggests Romance With Safaree Samuels Is For TV Ratings: ‘I Get Hired To Do My Job’

Amara La Negra and Safaree Samuels are not in a relationship–despite dating rumors they’ve both fueled in the last few months.

Fans first speculated a relationship when Samuels gifted Amara’s twin daughters pricey jewelry at their birthday party. At the same party, Amara rewarded Safaree’s apparent generosity with a smooch on the lips during a slow dance. Footage of both moments eventually riled up his ex-wife and mother of his children, Erica Mena, who called him a “deadbeat clown” at the time.

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Well, it now appears the lil’ romance was a ploy to increase Love & Hip Hop: Miami ratings. The Spanish-language musician addressed the topic in a recent livestream. For those wondering, Amara La Negra says she’s “single.”

“I’ve been single since the father of my kids, and I haven’t had sex since the father of my kids,” she said.

Amara’s daughters, Sumajestad Royalty and Sualteza Empress, celebrated their first birthday on March 23. She announced her pregnancy in November 2021 but didn’t reveal the father’s identity, Allan Mueses, until March 2022. According to Essence, he’s reportedly a real estate broker whom she met in the Dominican Republic.

The timeline of Amara and Allan’s involvement is unclear.

Amara La Negra Suggests Safaree Romance Is Part Of Her ‘Job’

After giving a visual timeline of her last relationship, Amara spoke about doing her “job” on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, and it appears part of her duty is to rake in ratings–by any means.

“Let me put it this way. I’m a pretty smart girl, I believe that I am. I’ve come this far because I think I’m pretty smart, and I get hired to do my job, and I do what I have to do. I do it well. We have good ratings, and with that being said, I have accomplished my mission. And if, after that, you want to believe what it is you want to believe, that’s on you. Like I said before, I’ve been single since the father of my kids, and I haven’t had sex since the father of my kids. And I continue to do my job. And as long as you give us those ratings, I’m going to give you what you want. If that’s what you want, then that’s what you see.”

A relationship for TV is something Erica Mena suggested in her heated reaction to Safaree’s lavish gifts for Sumajestad and Sualteza. But she also accused the father of her two children, Safire Majesty and Legend, of never doing anything as extravagant as the twins’ Rolex watches for their children.

“Before I go, someone @ him–He blocked me since I won’t take his crying. begging a** back (hints why his now desperately shooting in Miami now. Let him know he has medical bills that’s only 8K from last year he owes along with…nevermind just tell him he got it. Pay it.”

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Mena has not reacted to Amara’s dating denials as yet. Over the weekend, Atlanta police arrested Erica, along with Bambi and ZellSwag, after a physical altercation at a local nightclub. Officials charged Mena with four charges, including two counts of simple battery, one count of battery against a police officer and willful obstruction of law enforcement.


Amara Explains The Difference Between Her First And Current Season On Love & Hip Hop Miami

In her livestream, Amara also acknowledged the difference between filming for the franchise during season one and season five.

“My first season of Love & Hip Hop Miami was the best season of my life. I had an amazing producer, Marie Carmen Lopez. She really embraced and showcased who I really was, what my purpose was. Second season came, we somewhat did that. And then third and fourth and now on the fifth, I mean, I’m just going with the flow. Whatever that means, if you’re smart enough, then you understand, and all I’m saying is that I’ve been single since the father of my kids, but let’s just go with it. Let’s just go with whatever it is you’re watching.”

Her single-and-been-single announcement comes after a recent LHHMIA episode where she seemingly confirmed a romance with Safaree. During a scene with her and Samuels, she says, “Some of the rumors are true,” before explaining how they connected. Amara said Safaree reached out about moving to Miami, and once there, he began to show out for her.

“Okay, okay I admit it. Some of the rumors are true. He actually really started like showing effort, like buying me roses, like gifting me jewelry,” she said. “So far so good, no pressure, but so good.”

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