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NWA Was Right: 6 Mississippi Sheriff’s Deputies Fired After Torturing, Shooting, And Sexually Assaulting 2 Black Men

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The Black community will never trust the police and this is just reason on a list of millions.

32-year-old Michael Corey Jenkins and his 25-year-old friend Eddie Terrell Parker were victims of Mississippi’s Rankin County Sheriff’s deputies when the bacon boys burst into their home without a warrant and proceeded to violate them in the worst ways possible. According to an ABCNews report, on January 24, six white deputies including  Hunter Elward, Brett Mc’Alpin, and Christian Dedmon spent 90 minutes beating, tasering, shooting, and sexually abusing the two men. At this time, six deputies total have either been fired or have resigned from their posts.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Jenkins and Parker filed a $400 million lawsuit against the department and we hope they don’t settle for a penny less.

“We understand that the alleged actions of these deputies has eroded the public’s trust in our department,” Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey said in a statement on Tuesday. “Rest assured that we will work diligently to restore that trust.”

Nah, we good on that. Just stop abusing and killing us. Nobody wants a relationship with you people. Somehow, even all these later, none of the aforementioned officers have been criminally charged. Let Sheriff Bailey tell it, there is an “ongoing investigation” and he nor the department will comment further. We’re not Inspector Gadget, but how damn long does it take to “investigate” what these pigs did? You can’t gather enough information in 7 months to file charges? Maybe this whole department should be shut down for their ineptitude.

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