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‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman Dishes On Physical Toll Of Octuplet Pregnancy, Would Be ‘Incapacitated’ If She Weren’t Active

Nadya Suleman—aka “Octomom”—is taking a moment to speak about the impact that her famous octuplet pregnancy had on her body and how she keeps the physical pain away.

Suleman Suffered Pelvic Damage & A “Torn Abdominal Cavity”

On Instagram, the mother-of-14 acknowledged some of the hardships she faced while carrying octuplets—whom she delivered in 2009.

She started by revealing how she stays healthy “in spite of [her] stressful, busy lifestyle with such a big family.”

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After Nadya shared her workout regimen, she acknowledged the importance of “maintaining [her] strength and mobility,” especially considering the physical “repercussion[s]” she faced during her famous pregnancy.

She suffered herniated disks, injuries to her sacrum, and nerve damage. Additionally, Nadya Suleman revealed she even had to deal with “a torn abdominal cavity.”

“As a repercussion of the pregnancy, I sustained three more herniated discs (had one herniated disc from a work-related injury decades ago); bilateral sciatica; damaged sacrum and peripheral neuropathy (and a torn abdominal cavity to top it off).”

She noted, “Such disabilities would render me incapacitated if I were to lead a sedentary lifestyle.”

However, she thanks her “active” lifestyle for helping her fend off the pain.

“Though it seems counterintuitive, the more active I am, the less pain I experience. Several days without weight training exacerbates my already excruciating back pain and near immobility.”

After acknowledging that she’s encouraged her kids to lead active lives as well, Nadya Suleman straight-up credited physical activity with giving her sufficient “mental [and] physical wherewithal.” As a single mother of 14, being in tip-top shape helps her keep up with the family!

“I would not have the mental or physical wherewithal to do what I do if it were not for working out!”

The Suleman Octuplets Turned 14 Earlier This Year: “I Am Blessed Beyond Measure”

Nadya Suleman’s upload comes on the heels of commemorating her octuplets’ 14th birthday.

As The Shade Room reported, the children—Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nariyah, Josiah, Jonah, and Makai—marked the milestone in late January.

After praising her children’s character, she briefly reflected on how the “struggles they’ve faced” over the years have “strengthened [their] connections to one another.”

Nadya Suleman wrapped up her message by writing, “I hope we will continue to grow as a family. I am blessed beyond measure to be your mother.
I love you.”

The Daily Mail added that the family celebrated the occasion with a fun day in Orange County, California.

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