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‘Perfect Match Season 2’ Exclusive: Tolú Calls Reality TV Men “Game Players”

Have you been tuned into Season 2 of Perfect Match ?

Source: courtesy / Netflix

Tolú Ekundare Says ‘Perfect Match’ Men Were Game Players

BOSSIP spoke with Perfect Match stars Jessica Vestal, Tolú Ekundare, Xanthi Perdikomatis and Micah Lussier about their experience on the Netflix dating show. The ladies were candid about the challenges of filming in Tulum, dating on-camera and more.

Right out the gate the ladies let us know that the conditions in Tulum, where the production took place, made the show even more of a challenge.

“I wish I knew how hot it was going to be in Tulum,” Micah Lussier told BOSSIP. “I wish I knew that we were gonna be fighting the elements.

“It was so bad,” Jess Vestal added. “It was really rough, it was so hot cripplingly hot out there.”

Tolú Ekundare told us she was more surprised by the men on the show than the weather.

“I wish I knew what game players reality TV men are, because I think a lot of the women went in like truly being vulnerable and genuine and a lot of the dudes kind of led with strategy,” Tolú said. “I wish I knew that because I would have been more strategic, y’all know y’all know I do strategy.”

After sharing that some of the male cast members, specifically Harry Jowsey and Stevan Ditter told us that they found the romantic aspect of the show to be the most challenging, all of the ladies had strong responses.

“They would say that,” Jess told BOSSIP. “I feel like we gave them the answers to the test.”

“The cheat sheet was right there,” Micah interjected. “They don’t know how to read.”

“They still failed and we circled the answers,” Tolu added.

“You could tell the men were struggling in the romance aspect,” Xanthi said.

“Struggling across the board,” Jess continued. “You know what just bless their hearts. At least they showed up I guess.”

For all of the folks who haven’t been tuned in, Perfect Match is about putting singles together and then putting them through challenges that test their newly formed relationships — the winners of the challenges then have an opportunity to have a private date and get to visit a room where they can pick other singles who can come in for dates that will test the other couples’ relationships. In addition to having a rough ride in their relationships, the ladies also struggled to think of a challenge they enjoyed most on the show.

“If this was a game of intellect I would have had everybody gagged — but if we were inside,” Jess told BOSSIP. “The physical challenges outside, I would just literally go on strike, so all of them I detest equally.

“I liked the the secret reveal challenge because it was messy and I like me some mess if I’m not involved, of course, so I like that one and I won,” Tolú said. “I won. Not we. I won. So it was tea. It was perfect, I got mess and I got to be a winner.”

“Micah, you were going hard in the paint every time,” Jess interjected.

“I did go hard in the paint every time,” Micah said. “I’m the only person that won two challenges.”

“Cap!” Tolú called out. “I won two challenges, so yeah not too much.”

If you think the ladies of Perfect Match Season 2 were entertaining in this interview you definitely have to tune to the show. The full season is currently streaming on Netflix.

For those of you who already watched — what did you think?

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