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Petty Party: Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, And Luc Longley Launch ‘No Bull Tour To Clap Back At Michael Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’ Docuseries

Source: Kelly Defina / Getty

Michael Jordan tends to rub people the wrong way, Black people, white people, sports journalists, Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats fans, and especially, especially, his former teammates. Despite all the chiding, insulting, and condescension that Jordan likely did to his colleagues during their time together as championship-winning Chicago Bulls, it seems fair to say that there was no bigger “F you” than #23’s masterpieces docuseries The Last Dance.

The Last Dance aired on ESPN during the heyday of the COVID-19 pandemic and outside of weekly Verzuz battles, was easily the best piece of content to be released at a time when entertainment was so desperately needed. To say that it was a hit is a gross understatement, many already consider it to be the greatest sports documentary of all time. Michael Jordan is a legendary figure in American history and his perspective on the Bulls’ final run to a Larry O’Brien trophy was must-see TV. Well, it was must-see TV if you were a fan, if you were one of MJ’s former teammates, maybe not so much.

According to Yahoo! Life, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, and Luc Longley are set to embark on the “No Bull Tour” in conjunction with Australia’s National Basketball League. On February 23, 2024, the trio will take the stage in Brisbane for the first time to talk about their careers from their perspective and clap back at some of the…not-so-nice ways that Jordan characterized them in The Last Dance.

For his part, Horace Grant is not biting his tongue.

”This is going to be a no bull***t tour” 👀

You won’t want to miss this… 13 rings, 1 stage and absolutely NO BULL 🐂

It all starts this weekend, get your tickets now –

— NBL (@NBL) February 21, 2024

We can only imagine that Scottie Pippen will have the audience’s full attention when he speaks on his playing days with Jordan but also his post-retirement life as his ex-wife has been embarrassing him  running around booed up with Jordan’s son Marcus for over a year in a relationship that makes the Derek Fisher, Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan mess look like a healthy threesome.

Would you buy tickets to hear these three air out “The GOAT”?

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