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Phoenix Family Sues Las Vegas Hotel For At Least $15K After Alleging They Found A Live Bat In Their Room

A Phoenix family is suing the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to PEOPLE, the family’s lawsuit alleges that they found a live bat in their room. The incident reportedly occurred last year during the family’s 4-day stay at the hotel.

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More Details Regarding The Alleged Incident

According to a copy of the lawsuit published by KPNX, Marcus Rucker and his family checked into the New York-New York Hotel & Casino on April 7, 2022. The Phoenix family reportedly remained guests at the hotel through April 11, 2022.

In the early morning of April 11, Rucker reportedly “awoke to a noise.” According to the suit, the sound was “coming from curtains near the window” area of his family’s room.

Rucker then “inspected” the area to find “a live bat hanging on the curtains.”

According to the lawsuit, Rucker killed the bat. Then, he placed the animal in a cup and left it by a “nearby stairwell.”

“Unfortunately, I had to kill the bat,” Rucker explained to KPNX. “I didn’t want it to bite anybody in the room.”

According to KPNX, Rucker explained to the hotel where the bat was later that day. Additionally, Rucker reportedly explained to staff that the bat had been in the room with his family.

According to the suit, the hotel “disposed of the bat” after being informed.

On April 12, the lawsuit reports that Rucker and his family had to undergo testing for rabies “or seek immediate treatment for exposure to rabies.”

“I had to get two shots on my leg, one on my shoulder initially the first day, and we had to get subsequent shots for the next three weeks,” he explained to KPNX. “Very, very stressful for my family, for my kids.”

Additionally, Rucker requested the hotel to turn over the bat for testing due to the family’s “prolonged exposure” to the “contaminated area.” However, he was informed that the hotel couldn’t provide the animal for testing due to its disposal.

“Plaintiffs were required to undergo a series of multiple injections to prevent contracting rabies, which were painful,” the lawsuit affirms.

More Information About The Phoenix Family’s Lawsuit & Requests

According to KPNX, the family’s suit alleges that New York-New York Hotel & Casino and its property owner, MGM Resorts International, had a duty to “prevent hotel guests from being exposed to unsanitary… conditions.” Additionally, the lawsuit states that both entities had a responsibility to “prevent hotel guests from being exposed to diseases, such as rabies, from animals, vermin, and pets.”

Furthermore, the suit alleges that the hotel should have been aware that the bat found in the hotel room needed to “be preserved” for testing.

The family’s suit seeks an “excess of $15,000.” This amount is reportedly to compensate for “prolonged exposure to disease, pain, suffering, emotional distress, medical treatment,” and more.

According to PEOPLE, MGM Resorts International has yet to respond to their request for comment.

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