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Prosecutors Seeking 13-Year Sentence For Tory Lanez In Megan Thee Stallion Shooting — Court Docs Allege Lanez & DaBaby Tried To Ambush Megan On Stage

Tory Lanez Source: Jason Koerner / Getty

As Tory Lanez’s sentencing nears, prosecutors are seeking a 13-year sentence for the rapper citing his egregious behavior.

After being found guilty of shooting Megan The Stallion, Tory Lanez has assembled a new legal team. That team has tried its best to make strides to eventually get a new trial, but they’ve failed in numerous ways including trying to get the judge thrown off the case.

Just in: Appellate court rejects Tory Lanez’s request to disqualify the judge who is to sentence him next week for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

“The petition for writ of mandate and request for stay are denied for failure to demonstrate entitlement to extraordinary relief.”

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) June 8, 2023

Now, all eyes are set on Lanez’s sentencing in the case which could be lengthy.

According to Billboard, prosecutors are seeking a 13-year sentence in the case. Prosecutors believe Tory “waged a campaign to humiliate and re-traumatize the victim.”

Furthermore, in the sentencing memorandum, prosecutors pleaded that anything less than 13 years would “endanger public safety” and “not be in the interest of justice.” The 12-page memo also alleged that Lanez and collaborator DaBaby had plans to ambush Megan while she performed during Rolling Loud Miami.

“During the victim’s performance, the defendant went through security clearance and entered the green room,” the memorandum reads. “These areas were within 100 yards of the stage where the victim was performing, in violation of the protective order.”

“It was also brought to the victim’s attention that the defendant and DaBaby attempted to rush the stage during her performance. In no way was the victim previously aware of nor did she consent to the defendant’s presence at the venue when she would be performing.”

“The defendant has failed to exhibit any remorse, which begs the question whether any of the apologies he directed to the victim in his text message and jail call were genuine,” the docs read.

Prosecutors say Meg was “incredibly fearful” when she discovered this plan and that Lanez violated the protective order. When it comes to pleading their case, the prosecution put the words together better than Shakespeare with overwhelming evidence in their favor. Today, Lanez requested his sentencing be continued until next week, a request that was granted. A new date will be set and the Canadian rapper will learn the outcome then.

Just in: Prosecutors anticipate Judge Herriford will grant Tory Lanez’s request to continue his sentencing next week, over their objection. A new date will be set then. (Appellate court today rejected Lanez’s disqualification request against Herriford.)

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) June 8, 2023

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