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Quad Webb Calls out Dr. Simone for Blasting Family Tragedy + Cecil Whitmore Defends Simone

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Quad Webb was in the hot seat at the Season 10 Married 2 Med reunion.

Married to Medicine” fans have a lot to say about Part 1 of the Season 10 reunion. The season has been controversial for a number of reasons. But one of the biggest topics has been the icing out of Quad Webb. Quad said her treatment feels very similar to what happened to Mariah Huq a few seasons ago. Mariah was iced out of the group and pushed off the show she created. Regardless, Mariah and many fans still believe Quad is being mistreated by the rest of the cast. She also thinks they act like mean girls when they gang up on one person and attempt to oust those they dislike.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes said Quad earned her problems with the group because she only comes around when it’s time to film the show. Dr. Simone Whitmore shares the same perspective as Heavenly. And she made that clear at the sitdown with Quad, as well as the reunion for Season 10. During Part 1 of the reunion, Simone continued to call Quad out on her shortcomings as a friend. Simone said Quad has never shown up for her without a camera involved. But she was there for Quad during her family’s recent tragedy despite them not being friends. When Quad begged Simone not to talk about what happened, Simone said Quad’s niece drowned in her swimming pool.

Some “Married to Medicine” fans feel like Simone crossed the line. Quad agrees and she addressed the scene on X.

Quad wrote, “Just insensitive I would never use anyone’s family’s hurt & pain as a source of entertainment. My family and I struggle on the daily. I am heartbroken & disgusted. I can’t believe production let this fly #married2med.”

She also had some words for Phaedra Parks as well.

“Wow, she doesn’t want to attach herself to the Titanic, in other words, SINK, but I helped her Anchor herself for the next three years on #married2med My how soon do we forget?”

Cecil Whitmore defended Dr. Simone Whitmore.

In related news, Cecil Whitmore took to X to defend Simone as the backlash began to roll in.

A fan wrote, “Oh she needs help. She’s the villain and karma is coming. Such a low blow what she did to Quad! #Married2Medicine”

Cecil responded, “Everyone is a villain if you’re riding for someone else! All these ladies will say foul things jabbing or making their point . Give me your favorites and I will give you the list. #Married2Med”

The fan then wrote, “That might be true, but your wife does a lot of dirty stuff to the cast and she needs to own the BS. Quad and Mariah exposed her for the things she said.”

Cecil replied, “Well Mariah called Quad out for her stuff. And Quad called Mariah out for her stuff Mariah’s last season. So it is everyone!!! #Married2Med”

The fan also said Simone was wrong to bring up Quad’s tragedy, “@CecilCWhitmore to bring up a death that’s hurtful to a person is the lowest. How can you as a man/husband stand for that?”

Cecil said, “Whatever!! When everything went down we loved on our sister. Not for TV or cameras. We have nothing but love for Quad. She will always be one of my favorites. #Married2Med”

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