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Quad Webb Responds to Backlash for Crashing Lateasha Lunceford’s Bachelorette Party

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Quad Webb has been open about her thoughts on the current season of Married 2 Med.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb said she wasn’t given a heads-up about Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Lateasha Lunceford joining the cast. As a result, Quad felt disrespected by the producers. Interestingly enough, Dr. Heavenly Kimes said the move was made to save Quad’s job. So far, most of the drama has involved Quad and the couple. The other ladies have been trying to balance loyalty to Quad and getting to know Sweet Tea. During the recent episode, Phaedra Parks stirred the pot. She invited Quad to the bachelorette party she and Toya Bush-Harris planned for Tea. Toya was irritated when she saw Quad walking into the event.

Regardless of the tension, Tea and Quad had a pleasant first meeting. Tea told Quad to sit next to her. Quad handed her a gift. And the two women hugged. In response to this, Toya accused Tea of being fake.

Toya then told Phaedra to walk Quad out of the building. When Quad asked Tea if she wanted her to leave, Tea said that would probably be for the best. Dr. Jackie Walters questioned why Quad even showed up in a green screen interview. Some “Married to Medicine” fans asked the same question on social media. So Quad hopped on X to set the record straight.

She posted, “I’m doing my job; I’m never anywhere I’m not invited. My job told me Quad this is your que then I walked in #married2med.”

Quad Webb said she was vindicated.

On Instagram, she reposted the clip of Tea saying Gregory can be controlling and Quad was right. She believes she was vindicated.

Quad wrote, “What’s in the dark will come to light. I tried to tell ‘the people’. We often in society look at a person’s title and assume that makes them perfect and of good character. Yet, what we must realize is; people are people and titles don’t make them perfect!”

She continued, “Vindication is MINE #married2med.”

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