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Quavo Reportedly Among Passengers That Were On A Yacht In Miami While Alleged Robbery Took Place

Quavo was reportedly present during an armed robbery on a Miami yacht Sunday evening. According to Page Six, the Miami-Dade Police Department identified two suspects in connection to the alleged crime.

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Details Regarding The Alleged Incident

According to the police department, the incident began after two men were reportedly informed that their time on the yacht rental was “running out.” The men allegedly became “very aggressive” with the boat’s captain and crew.

Additionally, they demanded a refund and allegedly began making “verbal threats” to the team onboard.

The yacht’s captain alleged that one of the men told him he would “kill” him and even threatened to “throw him off the boat.”

Furthermore, the suspect allegedly took the captain’s wallet and phone out of his pocket. According to Local10, the wallet contained about $3,500.

Quavo’s Connection To The Alleged Robbery Reportedly Remains Unclear

The outlet reports that the men have since been identified as Cornell A. Whitfield, 39, and Anteneh A. Workeneh, 32. However, their connection to Quavo, and the rapper’s involvement in the alleged crime, remains unclear.

Despite this, Miami-Dade authorities ultimately detained “several males,” including Quavo, when they arrived at the boat’s location.

“All of a sudden, there was a police boat that came to the front. People were raising their hands, so we were wondering what’s going on,” Terence Quek, a Miami onlooker, told Local10. “It was kind of like an ambush from both sides and that’s — it was a crazy scene, not going to lie.”

Additionally, a source present during the men’s detainment told Page Six that the rapper was seen with “his hands zip-tied behind his back.”

Ultimately, authorities let the “Greatness” rapper go, according to the anonymous source.

“[Police] let [Quavo] go later and he and his entourage left in these big black SUVs with blacked out windows… [and a] bunch of women.”

Furthermore, the outlet reports no arrests were made regarding the robbery due to “conflicting statements.” Additionally, all those who were detained were “released” by authorities and left the area “without incident.”

Additionally, it has been revealed that no security cameras were able to record video of the incident. Despite this, Local10 reports that the investigation into the robbery will remain “ongoing.”

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