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Randomly Ridiculous ‘Robber’ Tries To Steal From ATL Nail Shop Patrons, Paltry Pilferer Gets Completely Ignored

Nail Salon – Source: Emilija Milenkovic / Getty

A would-be robber was left hanging when he tried to rob an Atlanta nail salon but all the patrons decided to ignore him instead.

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of it’s dumb criminals (or in this case would-be criminals) who just have the worst luck. Usually, we get our main dose of this type of news from the state of Florida since “Florida Man” and “Florida Woman” never disappoint, but sometimes other states come up on the radar.

Recently an Atlanta nail salon was at the center of an attempted robbery and avoided it by simply ignoring the would-be robber who put absolutely no fear in anyone’s heart.

The ordeal is dangerous but equally hilarious when you watch the video that includes an employee casually answering a phone call during the “robbery.”

“Everybody get down!” the suspect yelled. “Give me all the money! Empty out your pockets!” the unidientified man repeated after being ignored.

“Give me the money!” he screamed yet again, as a lady put on her hands up and exited. “Where’s the money?” the man then asks the people who are still seated, continue to ignore him.

After realizing that no one was going to acknowledge him, the man eventually threw in the towel.

According to Complex, Atlanta police are on the hunt for the failed robber and offering a $2,000 reward for information.

“Witnesses indicated the suspect entered the location wearing a blue hat, sunglasses, and blue jeans,” investigators said on Thursday. “The suspect demanded the patrons get on the ground and surrender their money. The suspect then fled the location in a silver in color sedan.”

The man is not only a wanted criminal now but also a viral sensation and that combo will surely lead to an arrest. When it comes to sad criminals this guy has to be in the running for the saddest of all time.

You can watch his hilarious attempt at a robbery below.

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