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REALITY RUMBLE: Joseline Hernandez and Amber Rose Fight Over Blackness on BET’s ‘College Hill: Celebrity Edition’

There was major drama on “College Hill: Celebrity Edition” when Joseline Hernandez and Amber Rose got into a heated argument over racial identity. Tensions got high enough that the ladies ended up physically fighting one another. Details on how it all started inside…

The drama on “College Hill: Celebrity Edition” reached new heights when Joseline Hernandez and Amber Rose found themselves entangled in a fiery dispute over their racial identities. The Alabama State University classroom, where the BET+ show unfolds, became the epicenter of chaos as these two stars clashed.

The argument initially sparked when Amber took offense, accusing Joseline of singling her out when she made a reference to “the whities.” Things quickly escalated when Joseline accused Amber, who proudly embraces her biracial heritage, of secretly longing to be a white girl.

“Joseline, stop identifying me,” said Amber in a confessional before the brawl. “I identify myself and let you know who that is.”

The Puerto Rican Princess scoffed at Amber before calling her overly sensitive. “If you gon’ check me, then check me!” said Joseline while Amber insisted that she was checking her now on the spot.”

“You know what your problem is?! Your problem is that you really wanna be a white girl,” Joseline said.

Once she said that, all hell broke loose. Amber got out of her seat and appeared to slap Joseline, before the camera cuts. BET posted an on-screen message that read, “Out of respect for all parties involved, we have chosen not to show this fight. College Hill and ASU do not condone violence of any kind.”

Watch the brawl below:

Amber Rose vs. Joseline Hernandez #CollegeHillCelebrityEdition

— Reality Cvnt (@RealityCvnt) June 8, 2023

While the actual fight remains unseen, Joseline confidently claimed victory, boasting about her conquest two weeks ago. Social media buzzed with speculation after Joseline mentioned on “Drink Champs” that she once “put someone’s head through the glass” during an ASU literature class. She couldn’t reveal who she was talking about at the time. Unapologetic, Joseline posed a question to her critics, asking, “How can you attack the attacker? Man, I dog-walked that b***.” She said she was kicked off the series after the physical altercation with her co-star.

Peep the clip below (at the 35:45-minute mark):

After the fighting clip aired, the Slut Walk creator took to her InstaStory to speak out about the incident, shedding light on her ongoing struggle as a biracial woman who doesn’t fit neatly into societal boxes. She made a plea for people to “pick a side” in the midst of the chaos.

Social media is seemingly siding more with Joseline


It’s not an opinion, what Joseline said was indeed a FACT @MsJoseline was right about Amber

— Javone (@IamJavone) June 9, 2023



Was Joseline’s delivery wrong: YES
Was Joseline’s message wrong: NO
Does Amber have the right to identify how she was: YES
Do I think Amber wants to be black: NO
Why Amber continue to centering her whiteness while being a student at a HBCU?: Idk #CollegeHillCelebrityEdition

— Timothy Quinn (@TIMtation24) June 9, 2023



Amber rose is on BET saying she doesn’t fit in black spaces. Certain mixed ppl gotta start be real with themselves. Joseline is right.

— HIGH VIBRATIONAL PLATE (@Jusst_Jena) June 8, 2023



Amber Rose we all thought you are black and if you did not fit into black spaces then explain your whole career. Who supported you girl? We did! Black folks. Joseline delivery was bad but she was right #CollegeHill

— I LIKE TO SHINE… (@KyngCassius) June 9, 2023



Joseline ain’t say nothing wrong….she just need to work on her delivery lmao and clearly whatever she said amber was hit cause she ain’t have to put her hands on her at all

— Likkle Miss (@only1naeb) June 9, 2023


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