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#RHOP’s Candiace Dillard Doubles Down After Sparking ‘Tacky’ Tirades With Philadelphia Prom Criticism—‘I Said What I Said’

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Candiace Dillard Bassett is trending after she commented on a viral Philadelphia prom post and labeled it “tacky.” Despite numerous people countering her statement with accusations of anti-Blackness and “this, you?” style shade, the “Deep Space” songstress is doubling down.

“It’s too grown, I don’t like it, and I”m not changing,” said Candiace.

On Sunday, the Real Housewife of Potomac quote tweeted a clip of the moment that Pennsylvania teens @1.jmariee and @younglilzah went to prom.


The post featured the duo leaving for the dance amid heaps of confetti, tons of balloons, and a DJ for the sendoff dubbed “Zahir’s Edition.”


And while some people were impressed by the extravagant flex excellence, Candiace was clearly not.

“I pray this tacky overdone prom trend is over by the time mine are ready,” wrote the housewife. “We not doing this. They look nice though.”

I pray this tacky overdone prom trend is over by the time mine are ready. We not doing this. They look nice though.

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) May 21, 2023

Candiace’s tweet has since gone viral and has been viewed nearly 6 million times amid people slamming her for her opinion.

Some people have taken issue with Candiace criticizing teenagers, and others are alleging that this is a case of the “tacky” pot calling the kettle black.

To be a celebrity and use your platform to dunk on children is wild to me. Whether you like prom season or not, that’s why we’ve got group chats…or you could’ve kept this to yourself.

But these kids didn’t deserve this at all.

— Candice Marie Benbow (@CandiceBenbow) May 22, 2023


Also, let’s not talk about tacky and overdone, Candiace.

— Lakyn Thee Stylist (@OgLakyn) May 21, 2023

Tacky you say?

— 😒 (@overlyyork) May 21, 2023

oh I know you ain’t talking about tacky

— Sean Garrette (@seangarrette) May 22, 2023

Some are even suggesting that there’s a deeper issue at hand and they’re accusing Candiace of being “classist.”


Candiace is classist. Because she knows that. She grew up with J&J and cotillions. She just likes dunking down at all times. It’s bitter-brained.

— Santana (@MorgBGreat) May 22, 2023

Candiace boohoo’d about her “generational wealth” at the reunion and now Black proms are tacky and overdone so…yea

— Dear Ashley… (@asj519) May 22, 2023

I love Candiace, but that tweet really pissed me off. Like it’s almost giving anti-black and idc who disagrees. Black ppl can’t do shit without another Black person finding something negative to say. Like, it’s a fawking prom and the teens looked like they were loving the support

— Lash Plug 🦋💕🔌✨ (@wurzparishilton) May 22, 2023

Despite all of this, Candiace has been actively telling her followers that she’s standing by what she said.

“I said what I said,” Candiace told a follower. “It’s too grown, I don’t like it and I’m not changing,” she added to another.


She also said that her comments are about “tact and what’s appropriate for children”, not money.

I said what I said.

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) May 22, 2023

It’s too grown. I don’t like it. And I’m not changing.

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) May 21, 2023

I will be treading at the same 5-6-7-8 kickball change, two step that I always have and you can stay mad. This has nothing to do with money and everything to do with tact and what is appropriate for children. Philly will be alright.

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) May 22, 2023

I hear you! I still think it’s too grown.

— CANDIACE (@TherealCANDIACE) May 21, 2023

What do YOU think about Candiace’s comments on the viral prom post?

Source: Gilbert Flores / Getty

Were they “anti-black” and “classist” or do you see her point? Some do.


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