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‘Run The World’ Exclusive: Erika Alexander Opens Up About Barb Continuing On Show Despite Ella’s Absence

Have you been keeping up with Season 2 of Run The World on STARZ?

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Erika Alexander Plays A Media Mogul On ‘Run The World,’ Has Media Company In Real Life

We’re loving the new season and we were really excited to see Erika Alexander’s character Barb had returned for the second season, despite Andrea Bordeaux exiting the show. If you guys remember, Andrea’s character Ella worked for Barb at her website.

We thought it was kind of an ironic twist that Alexander plays a character with a media company because in real life she has a media business as well – Color Farm Media!

“I spent my entire life now, almost 40 years, in front of the camera and I learned a few things about it,” Alexander told BOSSIP Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden. “I learned I didn’t have as much power as I wanted to very early on and I also learned that I didn’t have the skill sets I needed to go forward, that I’d have to teach myself new things and it would take time. So I became a writer, but it took over a decade to not only get my confidence but also for people to know that I could write.”

“Also I learned that if I wanted to see change in media that I would have to do it myself, so I created Color Farm Media with my partner Ben Arnon. Our goal was to change the face of media, so we called ourselves ‘The Motown of film, television and tech.’ We’re out there doing it with Good Trouble, producing that, which was our first film, the great Dawn Porter directed and then also I co-directed a film about reparations called The Big Payback and also Finding Tamika which was something we did with Charlemagne the God and Kevin Hart, which is cool because we won the DuPont Columbia Award which is a big deal, so I’m very happy about that.”

See! We told you she’s a boss on and offscreen!

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Erika Alexander Wasn’t Sure If Her Character Would Continue After Andrea Bordeaux Exited STARZ Show

You may recall, Bordeaux was very outspoken about being fired for refusing vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of her character’s connection to Bordeaux’s, Alexander says she wasn’t sure what would happen to her character at first but the writers opted to send Ella off to work on her book in Mexico, meanwhile Alexander’s character Barb continues to act as a trusted friend to Renee, Sondi and Whitney.

“No one’s sure of anything and I have to say I wanted to see what they were going to do with the character going forward,” Alexander said of her character Barb. “Barb still is centered as a generational conversation between young women and that could still happen and she had been around them, but now she’s forced to be with them in a different way. They want her as an advisor… She’s not really interested, but she’s going to do it because she’s naughty and she’s interested and she has a lot to give. There’s a lot of guidance and advice she wants to give them and so that happened very seamlessly and I had a ball doing it.”

Season 2 of Run The World is currently streaming on STARZ with new episodes airing weekly on Fridays.

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