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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ Exclusive Clip: Emotions Run High Ahead Of An Improv Challenge

A new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars streams tomorrow and we’ve got an exclusive look at the looming tension ahead of an improv challenge.

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+


Last episode we saw the ladies slay “JOAN: The Unauthorized Rusical” and Kandy come out on top TWICE; once as the winner of the challenge and again as the winner of the lip-synch.

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+

After securing a $30,000 win, Kandy gave Jaymes Mansfield the chop in a shocking elimination.

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+

Now the queens are back in the week room and reflecting on what went down. Kandy’s ecstatic about her big win and says she feels like “a true contender for the crown.”

She then wipes Jaymes’ message off the mirror and it’s time to tally the queens’ lipsticks.

Apparently, Kandy’s choice wasn’t too shocking at all as the group unanimously voted to send Jaymes home despite this being Kahanna Montrese’s third time in the bottom.

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+

“It was a very difficult decision but I’m happy you’re here,” says Jessica Wild about voting for Jaymes.

“You have a win and Jaymes didn’t,” echoes Alexis Michelle.

Later, the ladies are back in the Werk Room and ready to see what’s next.

Ru RUveals that they’re doing an improv challenge centered around the “Ru” crime series, “Forensic Queens” 🧪 where they’ll figure out “what had happened to Lil Poundcake”; Alaska and Lineysha Sparx’s “drag daughter” from season 5.

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+

When it’s time to pick roles, however, emotions run high.

Alexis wants the role of the security guard but ultimately lets LaLa have it. Her second choice is the detective, the role that Kandy wants, and when she suggests that Kandy play D.A. since the two roles are very similar, all hell breaks loose.

Kandy refuses to budge and Alexis is frustrated.

“I don’t understand why you should get your first choice, how come I don’t get my first choice at the role and say, ‘this is what I’m doing?’” asks Alexis.

Kandy thinks Alexis is being passive-aggressive and trying to “trick her” into taking a role that she doesn’t want. After a back and forth, Alexis decides to be a good team player (again) and agrees to play the D.A.—but not before bursting into tears.

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+

Kandy storms off and likens Alexis’ actions to “emotional blackmail.”

Source: World Of Wonder / Paramount+

Whew, chile. The drama!

Take an exclusive look below.

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