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Russell Simmons Opens Up About Taking 9 Lie Detector Tests In Response To Sexual Assault Allegations In New Interview (Video)

Russell Simmons is opening up about the sexual assault allegations against him in a new interview. As The Shade Room previously reported, the music mogul was initially hit with allegations from two women in 2017. At the time, Simmons denied the accusations.

However, as time continued, additional women came forward, and an HBO Max documentary called ‘On The Record‘ was released chronicling the alleged events.

In June 2020, Simmons admitted that he “could never say that someone doesn’t feel victimized” but isn’t a monster.

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Russell Simmons “Breaks Silence” In New Interview

The 66-year-old co-founder of Def Jam Recordings appeared as a guest on the latest episode of ‘In Depth with Graham Besinger’ published on Wednesday, December 6.

Bessinger began the conversation by asking why multiple women would accuse Simmons of sexual assault if the allegations “are not true.” Simmons seemingly admitted to getting around during his time.

“Look, there’s a song by Whodini — ‘I’m a hoe, you know I’m a hoe, three different girls after every show,’ Simmons explained, reciting the song’s lyrics. “Culturally, we thought that was the right way.”

Simmons admitted to having “a number of sexual partners” and putting himself in “compromising positions” he put himself in.

“If you slept with as many people as I slept with — thousands… I spoke poorly to 15 of them… I was crude. So, how many compromising situations was I in? And if you call that person and say, ‘Can you help me help these other women?’ then you can get them to tell a story and reimagine a story.”

The Former Def Jam Head Opens Up About The “Compromising Situations” & Lie Detector Tests

The 66-year-old explained that he was in “so many compromising situations” that other people’s “recollection from 30 or 40 years ago can be different” from his.

“If you had more foursomes than most guys at once, could someone leave and feel hurt? Could someone leave and feel they wished they hadn’t? Could some reimagine a story out of thousands of people? Could someone want notoriety in the market where people thirst for fame, even infamous? Could someone who just came out of jail and want to sue you because they had an experience and they can reimagine it just a little bit different? And could you be vulnerable enough to accept it?” Simmons continued.

As the conversation continued, Simmons recalled the “nine lie dictator tests” he took when the allegations unfolded. The music mogul publicly revealed the tests during a 2020 ‘Breakfast Club’ interview. The tests were 95% accurate, and he “passed” them all, Simmons explained at the time, per The Shade Room.

“I took nine lie detector tests, people don’t know that… seven from the Chairman of the Polygraph Association. One for each and serious accusation,” Simmons told Besinger. ”

When someone said, for instance, ‘I was violent’ … and I’ve never been violent. Took that. And one said I apologized. I never apologized about assaulting anyone. But if two people say it because one said it… then I took a test for it. Three hours per test by two polygraph examiners — one that I’ve never done this to anyone and one, I’ve never done to each individual.”

Simmons Explained Why Mainstream Media Will Not Cover His Alleged Innocence

As Simmons’ interview with Besinger continued, he alleged that there is footage of his polygraph tests. However, Simmons added that “no one in the mainstream would cover” it because “there’s a narrative.”

“There’s a narrative that we don’t want to go backwards. We want to believe women,” Simmons explained. “But women and celebrities maybe in some cases are a little different. But we don’t want to not believe women; we have to believe women. We have to give them the benefit of the doubt…”

However, Simmons also contended, “We can’t demonize people without proof either.” The 66-year-old added that he’s “never spoken to a policeman” or judge “about anything.”

“Who’s the judge and jury here?” Simmons asked. “Maybe you haven’t lived in the real world [but] it’s gray. No one’s intentionally hurt anybody; there’s a big difference… it’s very gray.”

Simmons added that he has never “been forceful” in any of his sexual relationships, as all of his encounters have been “consensual.” The 66-year-old also contended that the “culture and climate” of today are “different” from what they were “forty years ago.”

The father of two disclosed that the allegations have “ruined” his life and alleged that Oprah Williams, someone who stood in support of Simmons’ accusers, now believes their allegations against him are false.

Watch Simmon’s full sit-down with Besinger below.

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