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Sack The Blue: 3 San Antonio Cops Charged With Murder For Fatally Shooting Woman During Mental Health Crisis

Source: Jeremy Hogan / Getty

People try to act like cops killing people unjustly is some rare occurrence but…

3 San Antonio, Texas police officers have been arrested and charged with the murder of 46-year-old Melissa Ann Perez while she was in the midst of a severe mental health crisis. According to CNN, Sgt. Alfred Flores and Officers Eleazar Alejandro and Nathaniel Villalobos were suspended without pay and then criminally charged less than 24 hours later. Officers responded to a call that Perez had been cutting the wires to the fire alarm system in her apartment building which is a felony. She initially spoke to the bacon boys outside but eventually went back into her apartment and locked the door. When they couldn’t get her to come out, one of the officers attempted to open a window and force his way in. At that point, Perez threw a glass holder at him and later swung a hammer in their direction.

Chief William McManus said that the officers opened fire when Perez came to the window holding a hammer. Said McManus in a public press conference,

“The shooting officers’ actions were not consistent with SAPD policies and training, and they placed themselves in a situation where they used deadly force which was not reasonable given all the circumstances as we now understand them.”

Those circumstances include the key context that none of these officers were in danger because Perez was doing all this inside her apartment while they were outside.

Although she was allegedly approaching the officers with a hammer when the officers opened fire, the arrest warrant said Perez “did not pose an imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death when she was shot because the defendants had a wall, a window blocked by a television, and a locked door between them.”

Put all three of these pork police in prison.

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