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Sad Feels O’Neal: Shaq Regrets Fumbling Ex-Wife Shaunie, Fans Check Him Referring To Her As His ‘Wife’

Leave that married woman alone, Shaq!

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Shaq’s loose lips once again exposed his regrets for fumbling Basketball Wives executive producer Shaunie O’Neal.

Fans are saying, “hang it up, flat screen,” as the NBA Hall of Famer admits he had the “perfect one.” Then “messed up” in a new interview on singer Monica’s podcast, MoTalk Radio.

Although the episode has yet to be released, clips of the controversial convo has been circulating online.

Unlike some men, Shaq takes full responsibility for the end of their 9-year marriage.

Shaq shared, “I messed it up. We were young and I was just doing dumb stuff, but the good thing about our relationship is that she forgave me,” The Neighborhood Talk reported.

The two married in 2002 but by 2007, the entrepreneur called it quits due to the “Superman’s” inability to keep his peen in his tights. Their divorce was finalized four years later, in 2011.

Although Shaq failed miserably as a husband, he is a doting father that says he is instilling richer morals in his three sons, Shaqir, Shareef, and Myles.

Shaq reportedly told Monica, “I tell my sons all the time… A man has three jobs when it comes to a woman; protect, provide, and love. Some men can only offer two for whatever reason, but I’m going to teach you how to offer all three. And that’s what I try to do.”

Shaunie and Shaq also have two daughters, Amirah and Me’arah O’Neal. Fun fact: all the kids have their mommy’s face.

Big Shamrock also shares a 27-year-old daughter, Tahirah, with ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh, whom he also referred to as “perfect.”

Social Media Shuts Down Shaq Still Referring To Shaunie As His “Wife”

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Some social media users were up in arms after Shaq said Shaunie will “still [his] wife”, although she is married to Pastor Keion Henderson.

“Shaunie’s married. I’m happy for her. I hope this gentleman treats her the way she’s supposed to be treated,” the NBA veteran stated. “And I’m going to still love her and she’s still my wife. I will always protect, provide, and love for her, married or not.”

What does Exodus 20:17 say about coveting another man’s wife, sir?

Commenters had much to say about Shaq’s regretful words:

“She’s still my wife” No, bro – you messed it up already. She’s NOT your wife. – Respect the boundaries of her new marriage”.

“I love that he’s taking accountability. But me personally .. I’d be like stop speaking on me thnx”.

“It’s like they don’t realize your worth until they lose you”.

Although there was a flood of naysayers, the former Laker did receive some support.

“That’s real… We need more of these conversations.. Not this combative man vs woman stuff. There’s nothing weak about providing for a woman.. There’s nothing wrong with a woman expecting that.. It should come from love.. More love.. Less arguing about who’s the prize and stupid stuff like that.”

While Shaq is Reminiscing, Shaunie Is Living Her Best Life As A Preacher’s Wife

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The new Mrs. Henderson exchanged “I do’s” in May of last year in a lavish Anguilla ceremony. E! Insider reports, the mom of five even gave her ex-husband a “courtesy” invite, although Shaq did not attend.

The newlyweds reside in a $2.8 million dollar mansion right outside of Dallas, the U.S. Sun reports.

Shaunie and Shaq have maintained a healthy co-parenting relationship but if he remains a chatty patty about his past, he may cause problems in the Henderson home, which may strain their solid relationship.

Shaq was the first guest on Monica’s podcast, and it will likely do numbers thanks to Diesel divulging about his divorce.

You can check out the full debut episode of MoTalk Radio below.

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