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‘Searching For Soul Food,’ Host Chef Alisa Reynolds Says “It’s Time To Travel And Break Stereotypes’

Have you watched Searching for Soul Food yet?

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BOSSIP Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with Chef Alisa Reynolds about her new Onyx Collective series ‘Searching For Soul Food.’ The new series, which debuted on HULU last week, finds Reynolds traveling to different locations near and far to learn about foods, recipes and culinary practices and the marginalized communities that use them.

“I wanted to show the power of where soul food came from,” Reynolds said of the motivation behind the Onyx Collective series. “It’s an American term and an American people’s story. I wanted to show the power in us. Before social media, Instagram or anything we were on the map.I wanted to show the power. I wanted to celebrate that power in its food and I wanted to go to places where we wouldn’t necessarily think these things existed and connect us all through them.”

Reynolds revealed how she thought of the show’s concept while drinking wine in her own kitchen, in fear of the possibility she might lose her Los Angeles restaurant My 2 Cents.

Source: Hulu/Onyx Collective / Hulu/Onyx Collective

“I wanted to make sure that there was a series that could not only give people a history lesson that sometimes is uncomfortable, but in this palatable way. No pun intended. That they could eat it and digest it and want to inspire others and look at everything differently. The way they eat, what they eat and by having US at the center of it all, so we could love on each other and have another thing to say, ‘Wow we’re great.’”

With historical erasure on the uptick in the U.S., Reynolds show bravely exposes the history of how racism has affected culinary practices.

“That’s why I’m happy we got the show picked up finally Onyx Collective,”Reynolds told BOSSIP. “HULU had the guts to say Look it’s time for truth on TV. It’s time to travel around and break a lot of stereotypes that people are afraid to do. Right now we need something that brings us together even if it hurts and food is that perfect vessel.”

What an incredible mission. Just to warn y’all in advance, this show might make you hungry watching!

Searching for Soul Food is currently streaming on HULU.

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